Since the last one...

It has been a while since my last post and I feel the need to let my avid readers know that I am still alive. I didn't get sucked up in a Tennessee tornado last week, which is good (This is not a joke, and I am not making light of the tragidy that happened last week. I am just stating a fact). Unfortunately, there was some massive destruction from the crazy tornadoes just 20 minutes from my house. I feel blessed to not be "hit" by one of these massive twisters.

Since we last met a lot has happened. Here are some of the highlights
  • Our Church moved to Sunday mornings AND Saturday nights. It's making weekends quite interesting for me and Josh because we can't seem to decided which service we want to attend.
  • My friend Megan is about to pop with twins and everyone is on pins and needles waiting to hear from them when she goes into labor.
  • My husband, Josh, ran his first marathon. 26.2 miles. He looked good at mile 5. Started to fade at mile 14. Looked like he was about to die at mile 19 and got a 2nd wind at mile 20 and cranked out the last 6 miles. The last 6 were either a direct result of the 12 bagles and massive amount of spaghatti Josh ate to carbo load the day before or it was because he heard the song "Take a Chance on Me" from Mama Mia on his iPod. Either way, I am so proud of him.
  • I have decided to lose 20 lbs. I state this like it's not big deal. I think the bigger deal you make out of things, the easier it is to revolt and not do it. I am gunna see if the laid back "no-biggie" approach works. I will let you know if it does. If it doesn't, don't ask.
  • I traveled 6 hrs to Bloomington, IL . Spent a lot of time with the in-laws. Had a glow-in-the-dark easter egg hunt. I got my butt kicked.
  • In Bloomington went to Maggie O'Mileys for drinks with Matt and Chelsea (who are from Nashville).
  • My Family visited me and Josh in Nashville. We had a blast playing cards/settlers, watching movies, eating out.
  • Last but not least.....I GOT A PUPPY! She is a cocker spaniel/poodle mix. Her name is Willow and she is the cutest little thing you will ever see. Driving to pick her up was an adventure with Josh. We ended up having to cut through some back hills in KY and met the breeder in the middle of nowhere in MO. On the way we saw a horse on the side of the free way (weird), a wild pack of dogs with about 6 puppies trailing behind them(cute/weird), a car up on a hill on the side of the free way(weird), a bridge that resembled a roller coaster(scary), and the Mississippi River(BIG!) among other things. I will put up a picture of willow when I can figure out how to without using my broken computer...
That's all for now.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out. How's Willow, the "80's midget fantasy movie that less people than I thought have heard of" dog?

  2. She is super great and super cute. Of course. I don't think I ever want to see the movie willow about the fantasy midget. I think it will ruin the name for me.

  3. Needed ASAP:
    hang out time with yall
    game of settlers (I'm determined to do better!)
    bonding with Willow Marie (I don't know why I felt the need to make a up a middle name for her, but I like the ring of it!)

    Sadly, I'll be out of town this weekend...but seriously, I miss your face!