Before I Turn 35

I've been thinking about my list a lot since my last post, but I haven't ever had the time or muster to actually make a list...well actually I made the list on my new iTouch and then in not being familiar with the program ended up accidentally deleting it...kinda depressing actually. So for now...I am going to write my premilinary list and will use this post as a framework to come back to and shape and mold my list over the next few months.
  1. visit Israel
  2. visit Europe at least once
  3. make my own wine
  4. record an album
  5. write some significant poetry
  6. ride in a hot air balloon
  7. hike the grand canyon again
  8. visit wine country in California
  9. have a baby
  10. start a successful sustainable company
  11. ride an elephant
  12. ride a camel
  13. see Niagara falls again
  14. camp for a week or more straight, prefreably in the middle of nowhere
  15. plant a church
  16. preach a sermon
  17. surprise a stranger with a good gift
  18. learn another language (Spanish or french)
  19. live in another country for at least a month
  20. sucba dive
  21. take ballroom dance classes
  22. Learn how to make authentic greek food
  23. Skydive
  24. Hike/Camp in the Rockies
  25. White water raft
  26. Take a spontaneous trip to the beach
  27. Be a teacher for a season
  28. build a house and live in it
  29. Read the top ten classic novels
  30. Plant a baby tree and watch it grow to a massive tree
  31. Make a time capsule
  32. Go to an Ohio State/Michigan Football Game...at the Horseshoe.
  33. ...
  34. ...
  35. ...

More to come later.


The List...coming soon!

I had lunch with a friend today who is turning 30 next year. He was telling me all the things he is going to do in between now and then to prepare for the big three-zero. Things like run a marathon, hike in New Zealand, and visit Istanbul. This conversation got me thinking and has inspired me to create my "Before I turn 30" list...however since that is less than 6 years away and I have only spent about 5 mins thinking about my list and already have at least 5 relatively expensive trips on it, I think i might have to make my list a "before 35 list" unless i win the lottery....

List to come soon.


The Business of Business

It has most definitely been almost one month since I have posted...I'm a delinquant blogger...and I have been super busy. So busy, that I am actually starting to feel like I am back at school 2 weeks before a show, finals and a 12 page paper combined. When life gets this busy it becomes hard to connect. Hard to connect with my husband, co-workers, friends, family and most of all God.

I end up rushing through my day getting home and feeling the need to zone out and not communicate anything at all. Which is opposite of how I used to be. I used to talk my husbands ear off all the time, but lately the tables seem to have turned. He ends up talking and talking...and I am listening, but I rarely have the energy or mind power to even process a reply sometimes. He ends up contantly thinking I am not listening and something is wrong between us...which I don't like. I feel like a bad wife sometimes.

I am craving quite time. I am craving a moment where it seems as though I have the house to myself (even if I don't actually). I need space to process, pray, write, read etc. I don't like what this busy schedule is turning me into. I find myself being less patient and gracefilled toward the people around me. I find pride sneaking in and find offense coming more easily...Lord help me. Draw me back to you. I need space. I need time. I need a break. I need you more.

I can't function as a loving caring wife and friend when this business starts to seep into my personality as it is now. I can't be a good and productive employee when I am so overwhelmed at work that I can barely get an e-mail out. I can't function as a passionate worshiper, servant, and friend to God when I barely have time to clear my mind and focus on him before the next scheduled activity. Something's gotta give, cause this just isn't working.