August Daily Prompt Round Up

I ended up only posting once on my blog related to the Daily Instagram Prompts from Creature Comforts in the month of August. But, I really enjoyed thinking outside the box on the photos I was taking. It challenged me to look around and find beauty in little moments throughout my day. Here are the results.

I think my favorite one is "light" I spend so much time looking at his crib and not seeing it as anything beautiful, but on the day "light" was the prompt the morning sun came in through the window and highlighted the simplicity and loveliness of his bed from right where I sat nursing my son. It was a beautiful moment.


What's New

It's been a crazy couple of weeks! We spent two weekends ago moving my sister and her family into their new house 2.5 hours away. A lovely cabin in the woods overlooking a peaceful lake. The epitome of serenity and escape. I love a good cabin. One of the added perks was very poor internet service. Just kidding, that isn't a perk. I mean if you're into that whole "disconnect from the world for space and tranquility" kind of thing then it would be a perk...but i'm cool with that for about a day. And then watching that spinning icon at the top of my phone while waiting for my google searches to load and facebook feed to load pushes me over the edge...

I should work on that. I should get to the point where being disconnected actually is a perk....

Then last week I decided I was ready for it to be fall and I started knitting again. I always knit in the fall. Scarves and blankets mostly...who am I kidding, scarves and blankets only.... who am I kidding a blanket is just a big scarf. So I decided to knit my little sister and her fiance blanket for their wedding. Since they have lived with us the giant blanket I knitted last fall has received more use than it has in the last year.

So instead of blogging the last week I have been knitting up a storm in my free time. I'm hoping to find a bit of balance and not completely neglect my bloggy blog over the next few weeks while I'm making said blanket, but I really want to get it done before their wedding.

I've been spending a lot of time out and about with Felix during the day. Playground, Barnes and Noble, grocery, Costco, walks, pool, Starbucks. I've discovered he stays awake longer, stays happier and naps harder when our schedule is full. I absolutely love the age he is at now. We have so much fun together. He has such a sweet and content temperament, loves to adventure and discover things and is so chill! More on that in his 8 month (!!!) update next week.

In other news, Josh and I spent last saturday together for the first time in about 3 weeks. We went to breakfast as a family, took a walk downtown franklin, then felix napped, josh watched football and I found a few good deals at Goodwill for their 1/2 off first Saturday of the month sale. Saturday night Josh and I went to the pub across the street for drinks and more football and Emily sat with Felix after he went to sleep. It was all around a great Saturday.

Then on Sunday we got news that my sister in law was in labor! She delivered a perfect and beautiful baby boy on Monday morning at 3:45 am. Josh, Felix and I drove up in the wee hours of the morning to meet baby Elliot True and I spent the day in Kentucky visiting and holding my newest nephew.

That's what is new!
Row 1: Best friends, Jenni's Ice Cream, after a walk, Sister stroll
Row 2: Moving, family night out, knitting and Bartlet, Sisters
Row 3: Buddies, At the park, friends, Elliot True