My Kind of Kind

This week has been tough. I feel the continuing strain of finances. I have been extra sleep deprived and cranky. Plus I am struggling with finding my rhythm and daily groove with two new housemates and on top of that, Felix is sick.

He isn't super sick, but he has a yucky cold accompanied by a stuffy nose, making it hard for him to nurse and a low grade fever hovering around 100 degrees. Nothing sadder but also more cute than a sick kid. Breathing heavily through his mouth. Snuggling me at every chance he gets. Not able to sleep on his own for a nap. Wanting to sit in my lap and read books all day.

I think he is out of the woods with the cold, but a couple days ago, when he wasn't doing well and I was feeling sad I called Josh on my way to the grocery store and gave him an unnecessary and unprovoked earful unnecessarily.

I'm so mean sometimes. I didn't need to take it out on him, but I was feeling so overwhelmed by life and as the person who is closest to me he receives the brunt of it.

Even after all that, he texted I love you.

Then around 5:45 he pulled into the carport early as a surprise and as an added bonus had sunflowers and spicy dark chocolate from whole foods.

This is why I love him. On my worst days, he is steadfastly, unconditionally in love with me. He forgives easily. He sharpens me and makes me better with gentle support and encouragement . He listens to an earful on a bad day, laughs deeply with me on the good days and he is constantly putting my needs above his. This man embodies friendship and kindness to me. He is my kind of kind.


  1. I love that Josh loves you so well.

    I am always amazed after my unkindness to see Mark move toward me with great love and kindness. Loving me like Christ loves the church.