The Daily Instagram Prompt

Over on Creature Comforts they are doing a daily instagram inspiration prompt for the month of August. I plan to participate daily on instagram (@katmichael) and blog about some of them from time to time. At the end of the month I'll post all my pictures in a collage. I think this a great idea to get the creative juices flowing daily and help me think outside the box. (read: outside the "taking-pictures-of-my-kid" box.) Here are the lists of prompts if you want to participate!

1. Patterned
2. Solitude
3. I’m grateful for:
4. Vibrant
5. The Happiest Color
6. Wild
7. I’m Passionate About:
8. Joy
9. This is home
10. Adventure
11. The last thing I bought
12. Light
13. Dark
14. Wonder
15. The Last thing I Read / Tasted / Heard:
16. This is beauty
17. Happiness is:
18. One (or a few) of my favorite things:
19. Kindness
20. Growth
21. Color outside the lines
22. Friendship
23. It’s the Little Things
24. Homemade
25. Keep it Simple
26. My view from here
27. Delicious
28. Collected
29. I’m Proud of This:
30. A beautiful mess
31. Reflection

Here is my photo from yesterday - SOLITUDE. Felix was taking a nice long afternoon nap and I stole away a moment of quiet and solitude with a piece of dark chocolate cozied up on my couch.

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