In every persons walk with the Lord there are milestones. Big events that you cling to and use as a reminder of God's goodness and faithfulness. The day you decided to follow Jesus and the day you declared that decision to the world through testimony and baptism are two of the big ones, for sure. But for a lot of people who grew up in the church those aren't the touchstone moments. Those aren't the vivid memories that stick with them forever.  Church camp and conference highs, fabulous worship services and an anointed sermon oftentimes make the list of intense emotional experiences that will carry you through for a while, but often times it seems it's the smaller moments of life that stick.

It's the small moments that are brought back around as a reminder of God's constant presence in our life. A worship song that seems sung directly to your heart. An encouraging text from a friend at just the right time. A flop open of your Bible to lay eyes on the exact promise you needed to cling to. A prophetic word that seems as if the person was reading your mail. A feather under your car windshield or on your keyboard at work reminding you He is near. Hearing the Lord's voice while scrubbing dishes at the sink or vacuuming your living room floor.

These things stop us in our tracks and stick with us for years to come.

This past Sunday Josh and I were surrounded by family and friends and we dedicated Felix to the Lord. I know he won't remember the moment and I know it wasn't a wild and passionate encounter with the the Holy Spirit. But it was a radical moment.

I don't know if you know this or not, but radical means of or going to the root or origin. Fundamental. Forming a base or a foundation.

It also means drastic or extreme.

That morning we laid a foundation in the history of our family of three. We gathered round with hands laid and outstretched and words of life spoken over our little boy. Nothing dramatic. Nothing hyper emotional or crazy happened, but August 4th, 2013 is an important date in my book. A radical moment in Michael family history. As mother and father we are trusting the Lord to protect, nurture, draw near to, bless, move through, speak to, hold, cover, and love our first born son.

A radical moment indeed.

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