eucharisteo: simple thanks

eucharisteo: simple thanks is a weekly post where I compile all my notes of thanks from the past 7 days and share.

Anointed Worship Songs
Friends and Family gathered round praying for and supporting Felix
Good picnic weather
Sunshine carrot cake
refreshingly happy family time
Little ewing turning 21
Peach and banana covered cheeks
strawberry blonde eyelashes
warm comforting lunchtime hugs
girls night out
friends that help you laugh in the hard times
free mexican food
a tall handsome man that i get to call my own
messy top buns and dangly earings
babies in cowboy PJs
curling up on my couch reading bread and wine
clean sheets
felix staying happy for two long car rides
gas in our tank
silky smooth baby skin
watching my boy try new things
the mister organizing the attic
Consignment finds
baby in downward dog inching forward
Frothy Monkey vanilla latte
Scorching Hot Sun
lull of ocean waves
open communication
holding hands on a beach walk
baby sleeping on my back
brilliant neon pink sunset
sliver of moon disappearing over horizon
melty s'mores
community and sharing life with people
King bed perfect for late night snuggles
Safe travels
spicy jalapeno cornbread
books that help me grow
fresh salads after days of junk food
bedtime stories
itty bitty froggies (like the size of a nickle!)
sipping coffee on the porch overlooking waves
the table where community happens
Proud mama moments - felix crawling
bare baby bottoms
heavy afternoon rains
giant blue little girl eyes with heavy lids 

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