A Visit with Framily and some Maternity Pics

Yes...you read that right. Framily. We like to make up words here in the Michael household and Framily is one I just now came up with. It applies to 99% of the people I'm related to who also happen to be my friends. (I'll let all your ewing/michaels fret about whether or not your fall into that 99% or if you are the 1% that I consider a Fameney - family/enemy - jk)

This past weekend we visited some of our favorite framily members...Josh's older sister Andrea and her husband Mike and sweet almost 2 year old son North.

We had a nice time staying up way to late drinking wine eating cheese, trisects, chocolates, frozen pizza, and gigantic cookies. Saturday we went into Mike's new place of work - Brothers. It's a fabulously awesome restaurant in the heart of downtown Campbellsville, KY. The menu features down home cooking with an upscale vibe. Half chicken, pulled pork, beef brisket served on a toasted bun with sharp cheddar and an onion ring, hand cut french fries, spicy gumbo washed down with a coca-cola classic all in a rustic modern vibe dining room with hardwood tables and stainless steel accents. Delicious.

After Mike got home from work I snapped a few maternity shots of my sister in law who is due in 9 days with baby #2. I really enjoy maternity shoots. I haven't done many photo shoots in general, but of the ones I have done I think maternity are my favorite. Expectant women are a beauty to behold. The way their bodies expand and make room for new life is nothing short of miraculous. And even at 39 weeks pregnant Andrea is gorgeous. Here are a few highlights.