eucharisteo: simple thanks

eucharisteo: simple thanks is a weekly post where I compile all my notes of thanks from the past 7 days and share.

long sunday afternoon family naps
my husband making a delicious dinner
sweet dinosaur PJs covering long baby legs
ice for cold drinks on hot days
women ministering with the Lord and speaking directly to my heart
rest and surrender
God providing through the generosity of others
blue belle mint chocolate chip ice cream on sale
Baby feet resting on the crossbar of the stroller during a walk
feeling more comfortable nursing with confident baby at 6 months
baby cracking up at finger puppets
super good looking husband who makes the perfect fried egg
perfect weather - 80 with a slight breeze
bright flower bushes decorating the houses along my walk - pink, red, purple, white
Poems of love in various forms
felix's head slowly resting on chest and lazily closing eyes for a nap at the pool
dark chocolate as a surprise from hubby
chubby babies in swim trunks
finding a great deal on a new fridge to replace our broken one
finally catching up on my blog reader
delicious homemade chicken salad
little boy learning how to pull himself up in his crib and then beaming with pride
bedtime snuggles with a wandering conductor hand and glazed eyes starring out at dusk light
down time to rejuvenate during baby's 3 hour nap
the smell of home made bread filling our house
gentle thunder stoms
chia tea from Teavana
stacks of good books at Barnes and Noble
good report on mom's knee allowing her to come visit this weekend
technology allowing me to stay in touch with loved ones
Baby laughing and smiling on bench swing at the park
little boy playing in the grass
evening light on strawberry blonde eyelashes and big blue eyes
the one hair that sticks straight up on the crown of Felix's head
strong hands holding mine...holding me together
unprompted encouragement from 2 friends within 10 minutes of each other during a hard morning
coffee. strong. filled with cream.
dancing in my kitchen by myself to Ray LaMontagne You are the Best Thing
Excited baby at bath time- splashing water all over the floor
a son after my own heart who loves reading books.

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