Salt Water, Housemates and Crawling

Josh and I just came back from 2 days of salt water winds, sandy feet and gorgeous sunsets off the back balcony of our porch. We left for the gulf right after josh got off work and we drove into the night down back country roads of Alabama and Florida with Cape San Blas as our target. We ate soft shell crab, calamari and oysters, walked on the beach at every sunset and took turns staying in the condo while Felix napped and the other took some kid-free chill time in the sun.  It was the perfect get away for our family to relax and prepare for what is ahead.

This past Tuesday, my little sister and her fiancée (Gabriel) moved in with us! We are headed into yet another season of playing host to some lovely family members as they transition into a new phase of life! They plan to get married this coming October, and I'm so happy that we get to live with them during this time.

It's so great to get to know Gabriel before he joins our family. Things I have learned so far - he sings to himself a lot. When you think he is outside having a conversation with the neighbor he is most definitely singing to himself. He drinks more coffee than anyone I've ever met. This photo was taken at 10:00 PM at night and that is black coffee. He is willing to sleep in a closet for my sister Emily. One of our house rules is that they don't share a room till after they tie the knot and since Felix is in the nursery, Josh and I are in the master and Emily is in the guest room, that leaves our closet for Gabriel to live in. It's a large closet, but still...that is true love. But, so many jokes so little time.

In other news - Felix is crawling! Life just got a lot more interesting. The first thing he crawled to was a pile of books. At first, he was super slow and didn't move more than like a 3 foot radius, but over the last couple days things really changed. He can pull himself up on almost anything, tries to climb the stairs at least 3 times a day and has a crazy attraction to everything he is NOT supposed to play with. (flip flops, wires and cords, dog toys). What is WITH that!?

The weather has been amazing in Tennessee lately. Slightly cool. Highs in the low 70s, mornings in 50s. We took a house walk around the neighborhood this morning, Me, Emily, Gabriel, Josh, Felix, and even Willow. It continues to make me more and more excited about the coming Autumn. Not much else to say, just life!

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