Today is the last day in August. Today is a blue moon. Time...slow down, please.

This month flew by just as quickly as the last, but I'm satisfied.  I'm sitting here with a hazy cloud cover outside, a snuggly puppy by my hip, peach cobbler in the oven, dishes done, iced coffee in hand and Bon Iver on Spotify. I feel as if i'm finally finding my stay at home rhythm.

Willow-pup and I are getting used to an early morning walk to work out our sleepy kinks and move at least 30 mins each day. Often this is followed by time reading scripture which has been water to my soul. I found myself craving time away from a screen and Josh and I are trying a no TV week this week, which has resulted in some great discoveries, creativity, and much productivity. Dinners are still sporadic around here, but I managed to keep us home at least 2 times a week with a home cooked meal.  Bébé has been moving like a crazy gold fish and it's been easy to slow down when that happens and connect with little sweet at least once a day.

And I can honestly say, my heart is more joyful than it has been in months...maybe years.

It may seem like an obvious thing to some people, but I'm learning that I'm in control of my emotions. I'm the one who determines if a particular situation or stress will spiral me into the abyss or lift me to a place of calm and trusting in God.

I'd say my August goals were a success and at 21 weeks pregnant (tomorrow) I'm feeling thankful that I still have half my pregnancy to experience with fresh vision and excitement.

Tonight we dine with good friends. Tomorrow we celebrate the start of football season with early morning Irish Cream french toast and the Notre Dame game at 8 am. Tomorrow night we dine with more friends. Sunday and Monday we relish down time.

August iPhone Photo Features

 ROW 1. puppy profile, bébé profile, sock bun and red lipstick
ROW 2. Maddie, My loves, homemade iced coffee
ROW 3. peach cobbler, new hair cut, new entry way
ROW 4. anna + sand box, new nursery rocking chair, fancy willow


Mon Petit Bébé

Mon Petit Bébé,

I am 19 weeks and 4 days pregnant today. I have to resist the urge to round up my weekly progress all the time. Like right now, I want to say I'm 20 weeks pregnant and half way to seeing your sweet little face, but we still have 3 more days till we hit that milestone together.

G-ma (daddy's mom) calls you Jubilix (a combination of Jubilee and Felix) since we are waiting to find out if you are a boy or a girl. I think it's sweet, but I'm happy to just call you mon petit bébé.

It's been strange getting to know who you are in there. I don't really feel all that pregnant, which makes me feel guilty sometimes. I never really dealt with morning sickness or much nausea, I sleep well (thanks to the snoogle) and my baby bump is all but non existant. Most of the time I just feel hungry, emotional, and chubby. Unable to suck in enough to wear my regular skinny jeans so I've been sporting some great new maternity jeans and a few new maternity tops thanks to friends and family who have passed things along.

However,  this past week I have started to feel you move! I may have felt a few flutters earlier on, but they were non-descript I couldn't be sure. Now i'm feeling you flip and jab and roll and bump all over the place. It is so fun! I love feeling your little arms and legs flail about. I would be lying if I said I didn't worry that you are going to get tangled up in your umbilical cord.

The summer heat has made my cravings interesting. I can't get enough of sour lemon or citrus flavored things. Sending me straight to the fruit asile every time I'm in the grocery store. So far the best craving satisfying thing that I've had was a lemon italian ice from Rita's in Columbus, OH. Daddy didn't like it, but you better believe we will be headed back there when we go to Ohio for the baby shower in October! I'm counting down the days!

I love you bébé. Grow strong. We are close to the half way point!



Around the World in a Weekend

Last weekend I traveled around the world with friends. Friday night I went to China with my dear high school friend Stephanie and her precious eight and a half (not nine!) month old Rose Marie. We had grandiose plans of eating out after her 6 turned 8 hour drive in from Columbus, but realized little ones are better served with space for leg stretching outside of car seats - so take out from China Gourmet it was. While the food was much less than gourmet, the company was sweet and I was so happy to catch up with an old friend and snuggle her new red headed darling.

Saturday morning I brunched on french quiche with the franklin vineyard worship leaders and soaked in the sweet harmonies of "God Your Beautiful" while feeling the weighty presence of the Lord resting on and encouraging my heart.

Saturday night we gathered 10 of my all time favorite people into one place...at one time...with no constraints on schedules and we feasted italian style with fresh mozzarella, chorizo, prosciutto, spinach and tomatos on top of crispy flat bread pizzas at Brixx. Don't forget the amazing on tap collection of brews and brownies with a side of late night Catch Phrase for dessert at our place and it can be counted as one of the loudest and funniest nights with friends ever.
The guys all squeezed on to our couch.

Sunday afternoon we tasted a bit of mexico with good friends and their kiddos galore on the patio at Blue Coast Burrito. Steak quesadillas, fruit tea and sunshine - I couldn't ask for more.

Sunday night we had a fancy Indian food double date with Josh's brother Nathan and his wife Joanna who are back from Africa on a year furlough! Back when this bitty blog started in 2008 Nate and Jo were our first housemates! They lived with us for about a year and a half. Brought their first baby home to our condo and we grew to be so close to one another. Then we visited them when they lived in France (days 1 & 2, days 3 & 4, days 5 & 6, days 7 & 8)  right before their big - more permanent move to Cameroon Africa. Since then they have had another baby (my nephew Josiah) and now Jo is pregnant with baby number three due the week before me! We spent some time with them a couple weeks ago in Bloomington, IL when they first got back, but it was so nice to have dinner just the 4 of us eat delicious cuisine at Bombay Bistro followed by some yogurt from Sweet CeCes. yum!
 The Papas.

The Mamas.

It wasn't the healthiest of weekends, BUT it was a full weekend (pun intended) feeling rich in friendships, community, and the closeness of the Lord.


Well, Hello August

This is a strange post following my last one, but I'm a ball of pregnancy emotions and thoughts lately.  Forgive my mood swings, please.


July was a whirlwind. I found myself traveling less, doing less, and sort of feeling like I wasted an entire wild and sweet month of pregnancy and alone time prior to baby accomplishing menial tasks. I'm still thankful for a lot but this feeling of a thrown away month makes me a bit sad. I've always have an urgency in my spirit to not waste the time that I am given here. The time of much needed self-reflection/relaxing prior to bring another soul into the wide world, but also, just my time on planet earth.

In fact, I have an entire pinterest board dedicated to inspiring words that will give me hope and push me towards a life lived to the full. A well balanced and beautiful Carpe Diem life...if you will. Apparently these beautifully designed words were a momentary muse (at best) and forgotten for the most part in the month of July.

See my problem is not inspiration, for thousands of people are inspired millions of times a day and I'm one of them. Blogging, pinterest, stumble upon, and other creative sites across the internet have made sure there is no lack of the lovely, delicious, clutter-free, skinny, or cute to gaze upon. We browse and feel our spirits lift in a moment of - I could do that, have that, be that, wear that, make that. *Repin*

My problem is action. God gave me a desire to create. He even built in me a higher than average goal oriented personality that is driven and confident and strong enough to be creative (for it isn't a journey for the faint of heart.) Yet, somehow, I let entire months slip by as a blip on the screen of my one precious life.

I'm determined for August to be more. Here are a few goals of mine to try and uphold through out the coming month.

  • Spend time with God and get my nose in the scriptures
  • Cook at least 3 dinners at home a week
  • Take time to bond with bébé every day
  • Move for 30 mins every day (pool, walk, elliptical, Yoga, bike)
  • Soak in one-on-one friend time at least 2 times a week
  • Create something every day. (paint, worship, write, take photos)
  • Figure out what it means to be joyful. Be it.
  • Put the iPhone away. Turn off the TV. Power down the computer. Be present.

Do you have high aspirations for August? I'd love to hear them.