Today is the last day in August. Today is a blue moon. Time...slow down, please.

This month flew by just as quickly as the last, but I'm satisfied.  I'm sitting here with a hazy cloud cover outside, a snuggly puppy by my hip, peach cobbler in the oven, dishes done, iced coffee in hand and Bon Iver on Spotify. I feel as if i'm finally finding my stay at home rhythm.

Willow-pup and I are getting used to an early morning walk to work out our sleepy kinks and move at least 30 mins each day. Often this is followed by time reading scripture which has been water to my soul. I found myself craving time away from a screen and Josh and I are trying a no TV week this week, which has resulted in some great discoveries, creativity, and much productivity. Dinners are still sporadic around here, but I managed to keep us home at least 2 times a week with a home cooked meal.  Bébé has been moving like a crazy gold fish and it's been easy to slow down when that happens and connect with little sweet at least once a day.

And I can honestly say, my heart is more joyful than it has been in months...maybe years.

It may seem like an obvious thing to some people, but I'm learning that I'm in control of my emotions. I'm the one who determines if a particular situation or stress will spiral me into the abyss or lift me to a place of calm and trusting in God.

I'd say my August goals were a success and at 21 weeks pregnant (tomorrow) I'm feeling thankful that I still have half my pregnancy to experience with fresh vision and excitement.

Tonight we dine with good friends. Tomorrow we celebrate the start of football season with early morning Irish Cream french toast and the Notre Dame game at 8 am. Tomorrow night we dine with more friends. Sunday and Monday we relish down time.

August iPhone Photo Features

 ROW 1. puppy profile, bébé profile, sock bun and red lipstick
ROW 2. Maddie, My loves, homemade iced coffee
ROW 3. peach cobbler, new hair cut, new entry way
ROW 4. anna + sand box, new nursery rocking chair, fancy willow


  1. I cannot, cannot I say, even express how happy this post makes me.

    As I said in a post the other day - but worth a repeat:

    I feel the truth of 3 John 1:4 so deeply (I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth), but now Proverbs 17:6 is wrecking me. (Children's children are the crown of old men [and women])

    My heart is bursting with love for the GRANDchildren God is blessing us with.

    Love the pictures. You are beautiful.

    God is so good to us.

    1. Thanks mom! I can't wait to be a mom and have these types of verses start resonating for me. You like the new entry way? I'm pretty excited about it. :)

  2. Very cool. Well said. God is the giver of all good gifts and you are definitely one of them!