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This week Felix has been fighting naps and the weather finally turned consistently nice, so I've resorted to long walks at the park to get him to nap. Evenings have been spent relaxing with Josh watching way to many Parenthood episodes and eating banana ice cream with macadamia nut cookies.

Here are a few links to enjoy for your weekend!

The recipe for some delish strawberry muffins I made Wednesday night. (I added chocolate chips for extra fun!)

If you like a flare for the Southwest this shop has some beautiful pillows and rugs.

Speaking of southwest, I don't have an iPad, but if I did, I would LOVE this case.

Community is a buzz word in the church and also one of the most highly underrated values in our society. Two posts by some of my favorite bloggers touched on the subject this week.
   - Beyond Community - Ray Hollenbach
   - In Which I have Circles of Friendship and a Lobster - Sarah Bessey

A great blog post on dressing little boys.

And on that note, an adorable Onsie that I want for Felix!

Finally some iPhone favorites from the last couple of weeks.

Row 1: sleeping unswaddled for the first time. home made reese cup blizzards, tummy time
Row 2: Giant bowl of egg noodle soup, happy stander, pollen and rain
Row 3: me and my lil dude, kindergarden run day at the park during my walk, handsome man holding sleeping baby
Row 4: Copious amounts of popcorn at a party,  early morning yawns, crib play time.


Felix - 3 Months

My Little Man,

You are 3 months old! So much is the same around here but the changes you are making that seem tiny to outside eyes are monumental! You have learned to roll over from your back to you side and you love to do this when you are in your crib playing with your stuffed animals. This morning for the very first time you rolled over from your tummy to your back! I think it was your way of getting out of tummy time (which you don't like to do) but I was still so impressed! 

Speaking of tummy time, you have gotten SO much better at it. In month 2 you could only hold your heavy little head up for max 1-2 minutes and it was just barely off the floor, now you can go 5-6 minutes and you're looking around and smiling even! In the same vein you still LOVE standing, but can do it for much longer with out tiring and have much better head control.

You are beginning to master the art of intentionally grabbing things with 2 hands. The first time I saw you do this was on a day you were especially cranky and I just sat you on my lap facing me while I was cross legged on the bed. You were eyeing the button on my shirt and very purposefully reached one little hand folded in the shape of a lobster claw up to the button grabbed it and then reached your other lobster claw up to try and get it with both hands at once. I was beaming and giving you my best high pitched "Good Job, buddy!" encouragement.  You were so proud of yourself and you looked up at me through little red eyes (from all your fussing) and gave me one of your big gummy smiles that melted my heart. It was a very special moment.

You spend most days shirtless cause I've gotten sick of changing you out of sopping wet onsies from all your drool. It's a good thing the weather is getting warmer, or you would be chilled either from wet clothes or nakedness.

A few nights ago you slept 7 hours straight! This was a big milestone! Up till this point the most you have slept is 5 hours at a time. I got 6.5 straight hours for the first time in 13 weeks and it was glorious. We've been trying some unswaddled naps but they typically only last 30 minutes because you wake yourself with flailing arms.

You adore sitting on my lap and reading books. We could do this for hours and you will stay entertained cooing and talking at each page and especially loving the soft interactive books with crinkly pages.

Your hands are balled into a little folded mess and shoved into your gummy mouth more often than not and your fingers and feet are constantly sticky and clammy and getting caught in my hair.

This past weekend at church was the first time you weren't startled by the loud drums during worship and I didn't feel the need to constantly cover your tiny ears to protect from the noise. I've also noticed that you no longer get scared when Willow barks! It used to be terrifying and daddy and I would have to pick you up and comfort you and your giant quivering lip. However, we did discover that the vacuum a new fear. (Sorry about that!)

You aren't super talkative, but when you do talk, it's so cute and I swear sometimes you say the word "Hi" and "Ok". I love it.

Bath time is still your favorite and you REALLY love the green seahorse that shows up and squirts you with water. The big mile stone with the bath is that you no longer scream and cry when taken out. You're maturing.

Oh! I discovered you are ticklish! A little poke in your side or a gentle stroke of my finger tips on your arm will have you laughing through your nose, gasping and shrieking!

I would be lying if I didn't say I prayed to God multiple times a day to keep you safe and watch over your health. But outside of that, the incense of my prayers is for God to meet you and grab your heart at an early age and for you to have a passion for the Kingdom that's contagious.

It is ridiculous how proud I am to be your mama. I know I said that last moth, but it remains true. I love you little bud bud. Happy 3 months.



Promises Pilgrimage

"Don't make any plans this Saturday, Ok?" He said to me while we both shuffled around our tiny kitchen me putting away clean dishes and him making dinner . "Ok, why? Do you have something you want to do?" I reply.

"Promise not to shoot it down, even though it might sound stupid?"


"I want to drive around town and visit all the places where the Lord has been faithful to us and provided for our family since being in Nashville." He states his well thought out plan

So on Saturday morning we loaded our son into the car, filled our bellies with coffee and pastries from Whole Foods and headed toward Williamson County Hospital where God protected me during a Gallbladder surgery in 2008.

We passed the old building for the Franklin Vineyard where we both came to this church community we have come to call family.

We thanked God for Real Food Farms where our Brother in Law works and where we have received countless free veggies that led to healthy bodies paving the way for a healthy pregnancy.

We drove by Grace Center church, where God first revealed the moving of his Holy Spirit in powerful ways at a Bill Johnson conference in 2007.

We made our way downtown to Green Hills by Josh's old job and the starbucks where he told me he was laid off from a position that made him unhappy.

Past Vanderbilt hospital where we welcomed our beautiful son into the world and both of us cried as we praised Him for a beautiful delivery and healthy child.

To the Country Music Hall of Fame and the job that brought us down south in the first place. Where I cut my teeth in marketing and had an amazing business mentor and friends.

Out by the airport where Josh learned code at Acxiom and was able to lay ground work for building ESL Basics and developed skills that landed him his job at Magazines.

Past our old apartment, where we first lived. Where we made pasta or egg sandwiches for dinner most nights. Lived on a shoestring budget. Had our first big fight. Had our first big reconciliation. Made it through a cold winter. And into a warm spring. And where we realized just how much work and fun it is being married.

The day was topped off at Brixx for salad and pizza. Where Felix continued to act like a dream after 2.5 hours in the car, sleeping in my arms while we prayed one final time, giving thanks to God for never letting us down. For never faltering. For being a good and faithful Father. For hemming us in behind and before and paving the way for our future full of His blessing and goodness.


Round Here

Round here it smells of 2 and 3 cups of breakfast blend coffee to keep sleepy mommas awake. Dozens of dirty diapers, sweaty work out clothes and a stinky dog mixed together. Husbands cooking scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast . Lavender scented fuzzy nighttime baby heads. Sweet baby milk breath and purple flowers brought home, just because.

Round here it sounds like babies laughing through their noses and almost (!) belly laughing. The new Bethel album to worship to throughout the day. Coos, grunts, and shrieks at favorite stuffed foxes and fish. Shushing crying babies and shushing barking dogs. Afternoon thunderstorms and sirens from fire trucks passing by. Water splashing back and forth as baby kicks and gasps in excitement during bedtime baths. Sleepy sighs from baby and heavy yawns from papa late in the evening. Squeaking floors as bodies sway babies, whispered pillow talk, gentle goodnight kisses and lulling white noise at a constant hum.

Round here it looks like swaddled sleeping babies, and piles of laundry.  Hair pulled into a messy bun, milk stained t-shirts and no make up till 2 PM. Early morning naps and babies discovering how to roll on to their side. gigantic gummy grins behind tiny hands crammed into baby mouths. Side by side late night glowing computers working on new projects and exciting ventures. iPhones held just right to capture the sweet daily moments while little one grows quickly (too quickly) before loving eyes. Early evening walks around Pinkerton park - never getting too far from the car - just in case.  Jerky baby movements struggling to reach the collar of a shirt while nursing and gripping chest instead.

Round here it tastes like tall glasses of ice cold water with the unfortunate unrinsed dish soap aftertaste. Take out pizza again cause we're too tired and overwhelmed to think about cooking. Like big bowls of chocolate trinity ice cream while watching Parenthood and Blueberry lemon drop martinis with friends. Like a cold beer on a warm spring night and like smoke from the grill roasting burger patties to perfection at the Cahills.

Round here it feels like heaven sleeping stomach down. Arms and shoulders wet with baby drool and little fingers gripping big thumbs to pull up to standing position. Sticky baby hands getting stuck in long momma hair and gentle shoulder massages while finally doing the days dishes at 9 PM. Small feet finding just the right spot on the opposite arm and toes curling to pinch bicep skin. Like warmth from a giant wool blanket on cool evenings and breezes from open windows and ceiling fans. Like little bodies that finally go floppy with exhaustion. Dogs crowding the bed at twilight and babies mouths tugging at breasts while the sun begins to peek through the cracks in the curtains.

That's what it's like round here.



Today I'm sick. I'm sick with a sore throat, achey body, and pounding head and as all moms know there is no boss you can call in sick to when you have kids. So even though I want to spend the day sleeping and spacing out I have an almost 3 month old (!) to care for. An almost 3 month old who is fighting naps. Cue sad trombones - womp womp.

After much rocking, swaying and shushing he finally fell asleep for his first nap of the day at 1:30. So now my day looks like this.

Call the Midwife on Netflix while my house deteriorates around me. I thought about cropping out the mountain of laundry that needs folded from the photo, but then it wouldn't be a true representation of how exhausted and unmotivated I am today.

I have several posts swirling around in my head, but for now, this is all I can muster. Sitting. Guzzling liquids. Crossing my fingers that Felix will sleep more than 45 mins so I can relax.

Happy Tuesday.


Lovely Links

Happy Friday! This is our first weekend since February where we don't have a full schedule or visitors in town. The only plan we have on the docket is me leading worship Saturday and Sunday night. Lucky for us the weather man predicts 70 degrees and sunny all weekend! We may have to take Felix for  his first hike.

I've been dreaming of more travel and made this fun little print this week.

Also, here are a few links I found this week that you may find interesting! Enjoy.

fun glasses

I learned how to make my own brush in Photoshop and used it on Felix's 2 month update thanks to this tutorial on how to make a bunting flag brush.

I love all things brown and I'm a cowgirl at heart therefore...I want this clutch 

Looking forward to some summer entertaining and these straws would be a fun touch!

I've seen 3 different unrelated blogger mention the Bread and Wine book by Shauna Niequist. It is now on my must read list.

Speaking of Shauna Niequist, she wrote one of the best articles on social media I've read in a long time.

Sweet tear-jerker music video.  

Super trend - potted succulent plants. Super party idea -  potted succulent plant favors.

The difference between a first time mom and a 2nd time mom commercial.

Meanwhile in the UK...this happened.

Arrested Development. Released on Netflix. May 26th...I can't wait. 

Loving these colorful triangle leather mobiles

Happy weekending!


Our Provider

One year. It has been one year since I worked from a desk in an office full time. God provided a beautiful exit for me from the standard 9-5 job where I was increasingly unhappy and then blessed us with our little bébé and cleared a path for me to be a stay at home mom. The disappearance of some of our regular income, the addition of a another mouth to feed (or more accurately a bottom to diaper) and a few dramatic car repairs in recent weeks have left us in a weird situation financially. And by weird I mean broke.

I'm not overly involved in our finances, but I know the belt is going to need to tighten for a bit due to these changes. I had a moment this afternoon where panic started to take over. I felt this crippling feeling and a worried plea-prayer escaped my heart "oh my God, what are we going to do? Are we going to be OK?" 

Then I realized I needed to actually pray. Rather than let worry and fear be the atmosphere of my heart, I sat before the throne and let His peace wash over me. I let the Lord assure me that He was Jehova Jireh and all would be well. And I pressed into his presence and spoke out loud the promises of the Bible. 

God you are good. 
God you will provide. 
Jesus you will work this situation into something beautiful. 

With tears in my eyes and trust in my heart I felt a certainty. A certainty that the blessings he has already poured on us in 2013 (which include a beautiful baby boy!) will only increase from here. It is going to be more than OK. It's going to be great.

Speaking of beautiful baby boys...look at this kid! I die!


It's Fun to Stay at the YMCA

Easter family photo!

This week I braved the gym for the first time since Felix was born. I had done yoga a few times at home while Felix napped, but it always seemed Felix woke up mid workout and it would leave me wanting more.

Well in March our gym membership expired so Josh and I decided to join a family friendly gym with child care options so I can get back into my exercise routine. So on Monday night, with new YMCA membership cards in hand, Josh and I left Felix for the first time with someone other than one of us. In an overcrowded nursery. with strangers. at 6:45 PM...the most volatile and sleepy time for our little dude. AGH! I was freaking out a bit.

I signed him in with an optimistic estimated 1 hour workout time and tentatively passed him over the wall in his car seat to the worker. For the first 15 minutes on the elliptical all I could do was think about all the things I forgot to tell the worker. "He just ate, so he should be OK." "Don't let him cry-it-out" "Please call me if you can't calm him down" "Leave him in the seat if possible, to avoid germs of the other kids" etc. etc.

Then mid-workout, I had an epiphany. I no longer shared my body with a baby and could work out to the point of near-death if I wanted to. (Something I had missed terribly during pregnancy). The last part of my workout flew by as I pushed the tension on the arc trainer as high as my weary legs would allow and let the sweat flow off my face.

When I was done I all but ran back to the nursery to get Felix. He was doing just fine. Sitting contentedly in his seat, watching one of the workers read books to a group of older kids. He squawked a few times on the way home, but overall, I was proud of our little family. Embracing health. Relinquishing total control. Giving me and josh some time for ourselves. It was refreshing. Looking forward to more visits and a return to health!


Felix - 2 Months

I didn't get a chance to make one of these for Felix's one month, but I hope to be able to write my little buddy a monthly note moving forward. Here is his two month note at 2.5 months. 

Bud Bud,

I'm typing this note as you rest in the next room all swaddled in the blanket your Aunt Jo made for you. That blanket is your favorite (and my favorite, too). It is the perfect size for you right now and is covered in cute little birdie silhouettes.

The last few days have been hard for your for some reason. You have a lot of emotions and flip from happy and smiling at mommy (big beautiful gummy grins and squinty eyes) to tearful crying with the saddest pouty lip you ever did see. Sometimes it's because you have gas, sometimes you may be tired, other times I'm convinced you are overwhelmed with emotion and you aren't sure what to do with it but cry. When this happens I snuggle you and you rest your tiny fuzzy head on my shoulder or rub your face back and forth on my chest to find a good place to snuggle.

Right now our days typically start around 7:30 or 8 am. We wake up (either together snuggled in bed with you resting on my breast) or you stir in your pack and play and I pull you out for morning snuggles and chat with daddy. I then change your diaper and you eat your breakfast in the Nursery. After this is your best time of day. You are all smiles and chatter. We spend some cozy time together and then head down stairs for you to play in your bouncy seat.

You are enamored by your bouncy seat. It has two little bugs, a snail and a lady bug in blue and red, that bounce and smile at you and you smile back. You squeal and coo at your buggy friends every morning while I make coffee and eat my breakfast. By the time I'm done you are typically ready for  your morning nap. So I snuggle you in your favorite blankie and lay you down (fairly quickly most of the time).

That nap will last from 9:30/10 - 11:30/12. When you wake it's time for you to eat again. Then we will spend some time reading books (you love the book of colors and the Baby Bear, Baby Bear book) then I try and give you a bit of tummy time on your play mat down stairs. You can only lift your heavy head for about 1 minute with me cheering you on every step of the way before you get tired nom on your fist or rest your face on the mat (inevitably in the pile of drool you just left there). By 2 or 2:30 you are wiped again and it's time to nap.

Another 1.5-2 hour nap sometimes while we are out and about running errands or on a walk followed by eating, more playing. Perhaps some assisted standing practice, or stuffed animals talking and singing to you. Your favorite stuffed animals right now are your orange fish and the snuggly brown bear. You also love your colorful playmat. You recently discovered you can bat at the hanging toys and this provides hours of fun. :)

On good days you stay awake playing listening to music from my iPhone, chatting with me, etc. till about 5 and then head back down for another nap till daddy gets home.

You LOVE it when daddy gets home. All smiles and coos for him. He is one of your favorite people. I think by the end of the day you are getting a bit sick of starring at me and his big scratchy beard and ruddy cheerful face are just what the Dr. ordered.

The evenings are spent out and about for dinner and errands. You sleep through this sometimes around 7:30 - 8:30 then wake back up when we get home. You start to get fussy around this time and you know it's time for bed so at 9 or 9:30 we get a bath ready for you. Baths are your all time favorite. You adore the warm water and kick  your little legs around splashing water all over the counter all while mesmerized by the red cup I use to pour water over your tiny body. Your least favorite thing of all time is when you get out of your bath. You HATE being cold, you are no longer in the calming water and I think you realize how tired you are. A triple threat.

Screaming ensues, but daddy and I wrap you tightly in a blue owl towel and do our best to sing to you and calm you till we can dry you off and get you in warm PJs. I'm going to be so happy the day we take you out of the bath and you don't get so sad, it makes me sad to see you sad!

Once you are all comfy and warm in footed pajamas, I will swaddle you, sing to you, rock you, and walk with you to get you to fall asleep. Almost like clock work your heavy lids fall around 10 PM. and you are out.

You are getting better at sleeping, and for that, I am SO thankful. You go till 3 or 4 nearly every night and then will sometimes sleep till it's time to wake up the next morning! Other times you wake up 2 or 3 more times before it's time to get up and start all over again!

I'm so proud of you big boy. The Doctor at your 2 month appointment said you were perfect. (24.75 inches long and 13 lbs 13 oz - 95th and 93rd percentile respectively). You do so well with your cousins, aunts, uncles and all the fun visitors we have had since you've been born (G-ma, D-Pa, Nana, Grandpapa, Aunt Rebecca, Natalie, Liz, Matt, Aunt Jo, Uncle Nate, Aunt Drassy, Uncle Mike and all your cousins).

It's so exciting watching you grow and at the same time I already ache to keep you my little snuggle bug. You are so wonderful, my happy lil man. Happy 2 month.


In Case You Didn't Already Know...

We had a baby.

I'm pretty sure the whole world already knows Felix has arrived based on the amount of vines, tweets, twitpics, facebook updates, instagrams and blogs that I have posted on the interwebs about the kid. However, I felt inspired to take some pictures of my lil buddy one day to practice my photography and then some of them turned out so lovely that a birth announcement was in order.

I whipped this up, got about 100 printed through snapfish and shutterfly and plan to pass them out to everyone and anyone who crosses my path.

What do you think?