Round Here

Round here it smells of 2 and 3 cups of breakfast blend coffee to keep sleepy mommas awake. Dozens of dirty diapers, sweaty work out clothes and a stinky dog mixed together. Husbands cooking scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast . Lavender scented fuzzy nighttime baby heads. Sweet baby milk breath and purple flowers brought home, just because.

Round here it sounds like babies laughing through their noses and almost (!) belly laughing. The new Bethel album to worship to throughout the day. Coos, grunts, and shrieks at favorite stuffed foxes and fish. Shushing crying babies and shushing barking dogs. Afternoon thunderstorms and sirens from fire trucks passing by. Water splashing back and forth as baby kicks and gasps in excitement during bedtime baths. Sleepy sighs from baby and heavy yawns from papa late in the evening. Squeaking floors as bodies sway babies, whispered pillow talk, gentle goodnight kisses and lulling white noise at a constant hum.

Round here it looks like swaddled sleeping babies, and piles of laundry.  Hair pulled into a messy bun, milk stained t-shirts and no make up till 2 PM. Early morning naps and babies discovering how to roll on to their side. gigantic gummy grins behind tiny hands crammed into baby mouths. Side by side late night glowing computers working on new projects and exciting ventures. iPhones held just right to capture the sweet daily moments while little one grows quickly (too quickly) before loving eyes. Early evening walks around Pinkerton park - never getting too far from the car - just in case.  Jerky baby movements struggling to reach the collar of a shirt while nursing and gripping chest instead.

Round here it tastes like tall glasses of ice cold water with the unfortunate unrinsed dish soap aftertaste. Take out pizza again cause we're too tired and overwhelmed to think about cooking. Like big bowls of chocolate trinity ice cream while watching Parenthood and Blueberry lemon drop martinis with friends. Like a cold beer on a warm spring night and like smoke from the grill roasting burger patties to perfection at the Cahills.

Round here it feels like heaven sleeping stomach down. Arms and shoulders wet with baby drool and little fingers gripping big thumbs to pull up to standing position. Sticky baby hands getting stuck in long momma hair and gentle shoulder massages while finally doing the days dishes at 9 PM. Small feet finding just the right spot on the opposite arm and toes curling to pinch bicep skin. Like warmth from a giant wool blanket on cool evenings and breezes from open windows and ceiling fans. Like little bodies that finally go floppy with exhaustion. Dogs crowding the bed at twilight and babies mouths tugging at breasts while the sun begins to peek through the cracks in the curtains.

That's what it's like round here.


  1. Such a cute post. Love the "round here" line for each of the senses. Brilliant. It's like poetry in essay form.

    I'm glad I saw this on Twitter. You've been blogging up a storm and none of these have come through on my BlogLovin? WHAT'S GOING ON?!

  2. Thanks! I don't know much about BlogLovin! I've never used it, but if this is how some people are getting to me, I should probably check it out to see if I can fix the issue.