Felix - 3 Months

My Little Man,

You are 3 months old! So much is the same around here but the changes you are making that seem tiny to outside eyes are monumental! You have learned to roll over from your back to you side and you love to do this when you are in your crib playing with your stuffed animals. This morning for the very first time you rolled over from your tummy to your back! I think it was your way of getting out of tummy time (which you don't like to do) but I was still so impressed! 

Speaking of tummy time, you have gotten SO much better at it. In month 2 you could only hold your heavy little head up for max 1-2 minutes and it was just barely off the floor, now you can go 5-6 minutes and you're looking around and smiling even! In the same vein you still LOVE standing, but can do it for much longer with out tiring and have much better head control.

You are beginning to master the art of intentionally grabbing things with 2 hands. The first time I saw you do this was on a day you were especially cranky and I just sat you on my lap facing me while I was cross legged on the bed. You were eyeing the button on my shirt and very purposefully reached one little hand folded in the shape of a lobster claw up to the button grabbed it and then reached your other lobster claw up to try and get it with both hands at once. I was beaming and giving you my best high pitched "Good Job, buddy!" encouragement.  You were so proud of yourself and you looked up at me through little red eyes (from all your fussing) and gave me one of your big gummy smiles that melted my heart. It was a very special moment.

You spend most days shirtless cause I've gotten sick of changing you out of sopping wet onsies from all your drool. It's a good thing the weather is getting warmer, or you would be chilled either from wet clothes or nakedness.

A few nights ago you slept 7 hours straight! This was a big milestone! Up till this point the most you have slept is 5 hours at a time. I got 6.5 straight hours for the first time in 13 weeks and it was glorious. We've been trying some unswaddled naps but they typically only last 30 minutes because you wake yourself with flailing arms.

You adore sitting on my lap and reading books. We could do this for hours and you will stay entertained cooing and talking at each page and especially loving the soft interactive books with crinkly pages.

Your hands are balled into a little folded mess and shoved into your gummy mouth more often than not and your fingers and feet are constantly sticky and clammy and getting caught in my hair.

This past weekend at church was the first time you weren't startled by the loud drums during worship and I didn't feel the need to constantly cover your tiny ears to protect from the noise. I've also noticed that you no longer get scared when Willow barks! It used to be terrifying and daddy and I would have to pick you up and comfort you and your giant quivering lip. However, we did discover that the vacuum a new fear. (Sorry about that!)

You aren't super talkative, but when you do talk, it's so cute and I swear sometimes you say the word "Hi" and "Ok". I love it.

Bath time is still your favorite and you REALLY love the green seahorse that shows up and squirts you with water. The big mile stone with the bath is that you no longer scream and cry when taken out. You're maturing.

Oh! I discovered you are ticklish! A little poke in your side or a gentle stroke of my finger tips on your arm will have you laughing through your nose, gasping and shrieking!

I would be lying if I didn't say I prayed to God multiple times a day to keep you safe and watch over your health. But outside of that, the incense of my prayers is for God to meet you and grab your heart at an early age and for you to have a passion for the Kingdom that's contagious.

It is ridiculous how proud I am to be your mama. I know I said that last moth, but it remains true. I love you little bud bud. Happy 3 months.



  1. he is darling. happy 3 months!

  2. One word. Drool bibs. Okay, two words. Naked babies in warm weather are good, too.

    Love your prayers for our little man. I pray for him daily as well. Felix will be a great man of God.