Lovely Links

Happy Friday! This is our first weekend since February where we don't have a full schedule or visitors in town. The only plan we have on the docket is me leading worship Saturday and Sunday night. Lucky for us the weather man predicts 70 degrees and sunny all weekend! We may have to take Felix for  his first hike.

I've been dreaming of more travel and made this fun little print this week.

Also, here are a few links I found this week that you may find interesting! Enjoy.

fun glasses

I learned how to make my own brush in Photoshop and used it on Felix's 2 month update thanks to this tutorial on how to make a bunting flag brush.

I love all things brown and I'm a cowgirl at heart therefore...I want this clutch 

Looking forward to some summer entertaining and these straws would be a fun touch!

I've seen 3 different unrelated blogger mention the Bread and Wine book by Shauna Niequist. It is now on my must read list.

Speaking of Shauna Niequist, she wrote one of the best articles on social media I've read in a long time.

Sweet tear-jerker music video.  

Super trend - potted succulent plants. Super party idea -  potted succulent plant favors.

The difference between a first time mom and a 2nd time mom commercial.

Meanwhile in the UK...this happened.

Arrested Development. Released on Netflix. May 26th...I can't wait. 

Loving these colorful triangle leather mobiles

Happy weekending!


  1. Yes -- read Bread & Wine. It's great.

    1. So i've heard! I need to check it out at Barnes and Noble!

  2. Replies
    1. Merci! I'm thinking of doing something similar once a week to keep developing my design skills and having a regular light-hearted post.