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This week Felix has been fighting naps and the weather finally turned consistently nice, so I've resorted to long walks at the park to get him to nap. Evenings have been spent relaxing with Josh watching way to many Parenthood episodes and eating banana ice cream with macadamia nut cookies.

Here are a few links to enjoy for your weekend!

The recipe for some delish strawberry muffins I made Wednesday night. (I added chocolate chips for extra fun!)

If you like a flare for the Southwest this shop has some beautiful pillows and rugs.

Speaking of southwest, I don't have an iPad, but if I did, I would LOVE this case.

Community is a buzz word in the church and also one of the most highly underrated values in our society. Two posts by some of my favorite bloggers touched on the subject this week.
   - Beyond Community - Ray Hollenbach
   - In Which I have Circles of Friendship and a Lobster - Sarah Bessey

A great blog post on dressing little boys.

And on that note, an adorable Onsie that I want for Felix!

Finally some iPhone favorites from the last couple of weeks.

Row 1: sleeping unswaddled for the first time. home made reese cup blizzards, tummy time
Row 2: Giant bowl of egg noodle soup, happy stander, pollen and rain
Row 3: me and my lil dude, kindergarden run day at the park during my walk, handsome man holding sleeping baby
Row 4: Copious amounts of popcorn at a party,  early morning yawns, crib play time.

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