Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

My name is Katherine and I'm a 28 year old wife, worshipper, foodie, wine lover and new momma. I started this space back in 2008 as a place to sort through my thoughts and since then it has morphed into a catch all for my creative inspiration, memories, stories and poems. I'm an aspiring photographer and graphic designer, free-lance marketer and writer. Check out me and my husband's business

When I'm not blogging I'm probably doing one of the following.

Spending time with the Hubby
Josh is my handsome 6' 5" red-headed husband who looks like he stepped off the set of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. He is a brilliant, caring, wise-beyond-his-years, loving man with an entrepreneur's spirit.

Smiling at my Beautiful Baby-Child, Felix
Felix Fire Michael came into the world on January 14, 2013. I love being a momma to this sweet boy and I'm navigating the new deep waters of parenthood every day with him.

Cuddling with my fluffy puppy-child Willow
Willow's interests include sleeping, taking walks, chewing on trash, dirty laundry, and christmas ornaments and generally eating everything that has any "flavor." My dad likes to call her a pirate because she will steal food right out of your hand.

Deepening my relationship with Jesus 
I am a Christian. Jesus saved me from eternal death and sometimes my heart is overwhelmed by that fact. I don't have life figured out yet and often times I write about the things Holy Spirt teaches me. (This blog was actually started during a season of personal spiritual awakening back in 2008. Read how it got it's name in the first post.)

Other things I love Include:
music (all kinds including opera and even on occasion rap (gasp!!)), beautiful fonts, inspiring design, wine (give me a good Pinot Noir with some cheese and bread and i'm in heaven), pasta and really any italian food, reading (you can often find me reading books cover to cover at Barnes and Noble on a Saturday night), worship (my heart's desire. I'm also one of the worship leaders at the Franklin Vineyard.), coffee (coffee, coffee, coffee!), travel (read about our trip to france here, here, herehere and eventually here), and much more!