An Undivided Heart

So I have caught the blogging bug. Everyday I find myself constantly checking my friends blogs for updates and always thinking "If I had my own blog I would write about _____." So the day is here, my very own blog. Like it or not.

Let me begin by telling you what this blog WON'T be...
This won't be a blog of great importance or a blog that tries to change the course of history. It won't be a blog of deep intellectual pondering. It won't be fake. It won't be editied. It won't be about being a perfect christian. It won't always be funny. It won't necessarily be motivational. It won't be about one specific thing all the time. It won't always be about God. It won't be the same ole, same ole.

However, it will be my reflections and thoughts on life. It will be about my christian walk and trying to stay in His truth. It will be about Music. It will be random. It will include some
stuff you might not expect to hear from a christian. It will be real. It will be blunt. It will be me.

The inspiration for the name of the blog is Psalm 86:11-13. It is a powerful verse/prayer for the Lord to have us walk in his truth, glorify him with all our hearts - undivided, and praising Him for His GREAT love and because He has saved us from death.

I was reading this verse last night and was struck by the power of praying and fully realizing these things. It's overwhelming that the creator of the universe has taken the time to love me with a passionate, unyielding, graceful, powerful, relentless love. And on top of that SAVE me from death! AH! It makes me so happy! I love it! So... my prayer is to stay in line with the first part of this passage. For the Lord to teach me His ways, guide me in His truth, and give me an undivided heart that only answers to Him.

We will see how it goes...

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  1. bring it

    it will be great to hear (see, read) your updates.