On the Brink

Nearly everyone I know in the church is on the brink of something big, including myself. Cambellsville, KY is in the midst of revival, North Park University in Chicago is about to break out in revival. Vineyard Franklin feels on the verge of something huge. Even North West Church of the Nazarene in Columbus is about to see revival. All it takes is one major move of God and His manifest presence to blow the tops off of these things and we could see an out pouring of his spirit. Healings, signs and wonders, glory all of it!

The earth is being shaken. The economy plummeting is a sign of that shaking. Natural disasters are a sign of that shaking. War is a sign of that shaking. Disease is a sign of that shaking. More and more churches falling because of corruption is a sign of that shaking.

I feel like in this time God is about to do something huge with his people. His chosen ones. I think this revival that seems to be spreading is just the start of it. If we are nearing the end of times then it will be the churches darkest hour and the churches greatest hour as we see many horrible things happening across our land and within the body but also many people will come to the Lord and his glory will be made known to all.

I don't know for sure if we are nearing the day of the Lord, but it seems probable to me. In Joel 2:28 it says in that day..." I will pour out my spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions." Now more than ever, I hear of these things happening daily as well as other signs that the end may be near...

This isn't a doom and gloom post. I just feel that as the body of Christ we need to be prepared. We need to be prepared to come together as believers united and not divided. We need to be prepared to fight for souls in the great harvest that is upon us. We need to be prepared to fight against the forces of evil in the supernatural realm that are become more and more prevalent with each passing day. The time is urgent. The time is now. Be strong and courageous. Keep the faith. The Lord good, he is with us, and we know who wins.


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  2. I feel it in my spirit, too. I have felt for quite some time that God would do a mighty thing with your generation (and mine would jump in!).

    God is on the move. Get on your face.

    Jesus is coming. Look busy. (jk)