You are My Treasure

Last weekend I went to Campbellsville, KY to attend a Healing Conference at the Vineyard church there. The conference was called Touch, and the vineyard brought in Joaquin Evans as a guest speaker for the event. Joaquin, is the director of the healing rooms at Bethel Church in Redding, CA. This church is living in the manifest presence and power of the Kingdom of God. They see miracles happen on a daily basis. He said they have seen over 100 deaf ears open in the healing rooms at Bethel in the past 8 weeks!

We (my Husband and I) got there on Saturday afternoon just in time for the "Treasure Hunt." But, this wasn't a normal-cheesey-youth-group-treasure-hunt. This was a treasure hunt, where before we left we asked God for clues. A name, a color, a place, a peice of clothing, an item, an ailment. Then, you go out and find the treasure that God wants you to pray healing over and minister to. Some of the words my group got were:
  • flour asile
  • McDonnalds
  • red hat, black shirt, jeans, white man
  • Tattoo on right arm
  • Hernaited disc
  • Black shoes
  • Martin Luther King Blvd.
  • Bridge
  • Knee problem
  • and more
My group consisted of My sister-in-law (Andrea), Luke, Josh, Joaquin, and myself. A lot happened in the 1 hour that we went out. But here are the highlights....when I told the group I got the word flour asile, they thought I was saying flower asile. As we were pulling into the Walmart parking lot Andrea got disapointed because there wasn't a flower asile at walmart. And I said "No, the word was for the baking flour asile" and we all perked up again. However, As we approched Walmart there were a bunch of flowers sitting out front. Standing in front of the flowers was a white guy wearing a red hat, black shirt, jeans, with a tatoo on his right arm. He fit our words from the Lord to a T! As we prayed we could see him softening, his heart opening up, and he was blessed.

Then, we went into the grocery store to the flour asile. We got to the asile and started trying to talk to these women and they were having nothing of it. Then, Joaquin said "Well, where is the flour in this asile..." and were were like "Oh, it is at the other end." (which was empty) But, we decided to walk down there anyway. As soon as we were standing next to the flour the presence of the Lord fell on all of us very thick and a man turned the corner who was limping. He couldn't speak english. but Andrea spoke to him in spanish and found out that he had shooting pain going down his leg. From his hip to his knee. We laid hand on him and prayed and he was COMPLETELY healed! It was amazing. The kingdom of God fell in Walmart.

Every group came back from the treasure hunt with stories like this! It was incredible, and it all happened in 1 hour! I definitely plan on having a treasure hunt again sometime in the near future.

The conference was exactly the refreshing my soul needed. The treasure hunt was the tip of the iceburg. The worship was liberating and heaven opened up! I felt so much love for the Lord! In fact I felt immersed in the river of the Holy Spirit the whole time. The ministry time was a flowship of believers seeking more from the Lord. It was like a cleansing fire that washed over me for 2 straight days. Not just at the conference, but in conversation with the people before and after, over meals, sleeping, and on the ride home to and from.

I was afraid that the stress I was feeling last week would creep back in today at work, but it didn't! I have felt God's presence and peace all day. I am so glad I was spun by the world last week, so now I can feel what it is like to be spun by my king! AH! I love it!

Spin me more Lord!

I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for me tomorrow.


  1. Love this. Just. Love. It.

    Spun by the King.

    Spin me, Lord.

  2. this is so encouraging i have never heard of a treasure hunt, so cool!
    i love how God works so powerful yet to naturally when we allow and ask him to do so
    i will defiantly be doing this some time shortly
    thank you for sharing this!

    sara salomonsson
    p.s. i am beccas roomate at npu

  3. oh, kat! i think i'm going to print this off and share it with our prayer team. i'm SO excited about the ways God is going to move. pray for us.

  4. Specs- do it! It was one of the best weekends ever. I will tell you about it on the phone sometime. I will be praying!

  5. I have shared this story with lots of people

    We believers have no idea (especially we Nazarenes...) the power of God available to us to do the work of the Kingdom.