Tonight was a good night. It consisted of reading by my "WoodWick" candle, which gives off the sound of a crackling fireplace. Then going to church and then to a great restaurant with called Genghis Grill where we all piled high bowls of "stir fry" type food and stuffing our selves. Then we came home and made milkshakes.

It was interesting the flavors of milk shakes that everyone chose to make. I stuck with a classic Peanut Butter Chocolate shake. It was thick and rich and beautiful. Jo wanted the same thing, but more Chocolate than Peanut Butter.

The boys both made weird concoctions... Of course. They had to add spices and weird chunks of things to their shakes. Josh added truffles and cinnamon to his...He ended up finishing mine and regretting his weird decision. Nate started with a base of Peanut Butter and added cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, and caramel. This one actually turned out really good! Very "fally"

Tonight was a perfect night spent with friends and drinking shakes. Nothing too deep about it. Just good times!


  1. I saw pictures of someone in your kitchen making milkshakes (Joanna was tagged)... do you make shakes often?

  2. Here's the photo I was talking about: