I love Saturdays. This morning has consisted of me waking up, eating pancakes, drinking coffee, taking my bother-in-law to work (at the Library), awkwardly waiting for 15 minutes in the parking lot till the library opened while reading the Bible, paroozing the fiction stacks, reading for 30 mins or so, and then checking out 2 books (Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis and Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen) and 2 DVDs ( Osama, and the complete second season of West Wing, which I was forced to return to the library less than 24 hours ago and recheck out this morning), driving home with the windows down, blaring the new John Mark McMillan CD and finishing my lukewarm coffe.

My heart is full! It doesn't take much for me to have a full heart on a day I get to spend at my leisure. On days like this I hear the voice of God more. On days like these I find revelation. On days like these I can relax in His presence. I don't get muddled up in the stress of work, I don't get distracted by responsibility and I can just be. I find myself more in comunion with God and it frustrates me that I can't spend every day just like this.

I know this dream can be a reality. There are plenty of people who get to experience this delight. Even in the work place. There are some people who easily slip into his presence. Easily comune with the Lord and amongst the stress can find peace and joy. This is something that I struggle with. I find my heart being pulled away to the busyness of creating e-blast, circulating P.O.s, getting ads approved, and meeting after meeting.

I am praying hard for God to either give me peace and joy at times when He feels the furthest away, or for Him to open up a door at a job (or no job) where it will be stress free and every day can be like this Saturday.

I LOVE His presence and want to seek after that all the time! Lord, please give me more encounters with you during the hetic week or open the door to a less hetic life that is spent in total abandoment in your presence!


  1. i'm happy about this new blog.

  2. I say yeah for Saturdays too. Look forward to reading it. I was thinking this morning how ya and thinking how long it has been since I saw ya and when will it be when I see ya again. But at least I feel "in touch" at times. miss ya, love ya. AD

  3. Working from home has allowed me the joy of this freedom. God has blessed me way beyond my deserving. I do not take it for granted. Every morning after I get everyone "off" I fill up my coffee and sit for a good long visit with Our Father in heaven. I am so grateful for the time. It's not like a Saturday - I still have a lot to accomplish during the week - there is housework and design work to be done, cooking, grocery shopping, laundry, etc. But every morning, spent with my God = the best of all worlds.

    This morning (Saturday) I slept in, Papa brought me coffee, I wrote to Brian White on myspace, we took Emily and Katie R. to TWHS for a cross country meet, Papa and I walked Dolly at Antrium (she got in the lake and got all muddy, then chewed off her lead and we had to leave), we came home and gave her a bath, then I cut Papa's hair, we both took showers, he has gone with Emily and her friends to buy paint (orange and teal !!!) to paint her room, then he and I are going down to the Republican headquarters and get a sign for our yard and grab a bite to eat. Later we'll go to church and home to finish my Sunday school lesson. A wonderful day!

    I love Saturdays, too!

    Love your entry. This will be great to read your blog!

  4. Mom... Laughed out loud at the Dolly story. Sounds like a wonderful Saturday. Love you more than words can express. :)