2 Things

First of all, last night we had our first "real" service at our new church building. It was AWESOME! God showed up in a mighty way. My husband received an amazing, encouraging word from another church member and it made me so happy that we are part of the Franklin Vineyard.

On a side note...which is really the first of the two things this blog is about... Josh and I are really excited about how CLOSE the new church building is to our condo! It's ridiculously close. It just just proves that God knew what he was doing when we were looking for houses at the beginning of the year and none of the other 4 offers worked out! But, since the church is so close now Josh and I are testing out new means of getting to church.

Last night, I had to be there early to practice with the worship team so I thought I will bust out my old roller blades and give them a try on the .8 mile distance to the new building...what can it hurt. I will get some exercise, save the planet by not emitting fumes from my car, and prove to my hubby that I will use the blades and we shouldn't sell them or give them to goodwill...(love you babe!)

Turns out roller blading is really scary. Especially, when there are 2 gigantic "surprise" hills. As I started descending the first hill I realized "this isn't going to be good..." I was rapidly picking up speed. I stiffened my legs. I knew if I didn't they would fly out of control. Faster and faster I zoomed down the hill. I assessed the situation as the trees to my left and right flew by in a blur. I was definitely going to fast to just fall in the grass to the side of the road and stop myself. I was also going to fast to slowly put on the "back-breaks" that were on the blades...also, I wasn't entirely sure I knew how to use them. All I could do was let my legs flow with the grooves of the pavement and pray that I didn't hit a bump/rock/hole and wipe out. I think I said out loud as I was flying down the hill at +60 mph "I'm gunna die, I'm gunna die..." till I slowed to a stop, in a nervous sweat at the foot of the next gigantic hill that I then climbed and repeated the process.

None the less...I arrived at church sweaty and scared, but unhurt and willing to give it a try again next week. At least I will sorta know what to expect! A word to the wise though...if you haven't roller bladed in a while stick to flat ground for your first few times out.

I will let you derive the "life metaphor" from this story as you see fit.

The 2nd thing...this morning was awesome! Went to the park and laid on a blanket in the cool shade till the sun melted the shade away and the hot rays heated my body. It was great :)


  1. okay, I have to tell you that when you said you broke out the blades, a smile spread on my face, but when you got the the part about flying down the hill - I laughed out loud - until I read further and heard the fear in your tale. My concerned mother face appeared. Glad to hear it all turned out okay.

    Love reading this!

  2. hey we want you alive and well .... be careful! But I did LOL, you've got more guts than I did at your age! AD

  3. kat- you're awesome.

    i wanna know what this word about Josh is...

    and God is so good. i'm really excited about this blog.