The Two Sides

For Halloween, my work is having a costume competition/party. This year I am dressing up with a group of girls as the iPod silhouette people who dance in the commercials. The costume is pretty awesome. Basically we will be wearing all black clothes/hats/shoes and we will strap onto our backs large pieces of cardboard covered in neon poster board. Each of us will have bright sparkly makeup that matches our posters and we will dance around to JET. Fun stuff. My favorite part is that it is unique and you can make it your self without having to buy something that you will only wear once and then try and sell on e-bay.

During lunch today the group of girls I am doing the costume with and I all went out to a costume shop to see if they had any fun makeup that could supplement our outfits. I had a strange experience.

Now, this has never happened to me before but, the second I stepped into that shop I felt physically ill. All the awful, dark and evil things that were in that place made my stomach turn. I couldn't look anywhere except the floor. I could feel a heavy, evil presence sifting throughout the room. My friends didn't seem phased.

We meandered around for a while, me looking at the floor, feeling like I was going to puke. They walked back into this back room and I followed. The room was so full of darkness that I literally ran from the room. They probably thought I was pretty crazy. I didn't care.

This whole experience made me realize just how prevalent the spiritual realm is. Light and Dark. For most people the attack from the dark side is subtle. They don't even realize the evil is around them and the enemy slowly inches his way in. For others the attack is more direct and they are blatantly partaking in the evil. And in a place like that, for someone who is filled with the Holy Spirit, I guess me, the best attack is to make them physically ill and get them out of the area so they don't start talking about Jesus.

I have nothing against trick-or-treating for kids as long as they are going as a princess, pumpkin or pirate. But now, I have everything against the celebration of Halloween. It is OBVIOUS to me that darkness surrounds this holiday.

On October 31st I will be praying and worshiping with friends at my condo. Who's in?


  1. Doesn't surprise me. I have always had an aversion to the events and "festivities" surrounding Halloween. Sometimes I'll be talking about it and start shaking inside.

    You will have to ask Papa about the night he saw one of Satan's minions - a very dark force - on our front porch. He had felt a presence and was walking around the house when he saw/felt it on the porch and began to call on the name of Jesus and it swept away.

    When he told me about it - I was so angry and my response was, "How DARE he! How DARE he!"

    ...like a lion, seeking to devour us. 1 Peter 5:8

  2. Definitely looking forward to our lighthearted fun at the winery!! Glad yall are up for going with us! The website is wwww.arringtonvineyards.com if you want to check it out. I think they have bonfires this time of year, so maybe we should bring marshmallows to roast?!