Why I Love Election Day

Well, today is November 4th. The big election day. We have been waiting what seems like years for this thing to be done with. At this point, most people have decided who they are going to vote for. And I am convinced that all those "undecided" people are only saying that for the attention they get on CNN.com.

Josh and I got up super early to go vote before work. I kinda wish I hadn't now, because when I got to work we all had an e-mail from the big boss telling us to leave to go vote and take as long as we want. What's up with that!? I wish I would have known he was going to send that out and I would have taken a 3 hour lunch to go out to Williamson Co. and vote. Lame...

We waited about 30 mins in line. Saw a couple of friends in line as we waited. Stole some coffee from the church we voted at got an awesome sticker and overall had a great time. Afterward, we trecked on over to Krispy Kreme where they are giving out free red-white and blue sprinkel donuts today with an "I voted" sticker. Good stuff. Also, I just found out that with that same sticker you can get a free coffee at starbucks, a free chick-fil-a sandwhich, AND a Ben and Jerry's ice cream! This is the best day ever!!

Those aren't the only reason's why I love voting/election day. Here is a list of the top ten reasons why election day is awesome to me.

10. The Magic Map on CNN
9. Crazy campaigners standing on the corner with signs that say "Christians for Obama" (Shouldn't it be Christians for Jesus people? It seems they are putting their hope in the wrong place...)
8. The people who honk at the crazy campaigners standing on the corner and yell out their window "Go John McCain!"
7. Free coffee from the People's church (my voting location)
6. The flashing red button at the top of the digital ballot that says "Vote." It makes you feel like you are pressing something important.
5. The anticipation awaiting the results till the wee hours of the night/morning.
4. The "I voted" sticker that you get to wear proudly during the day.
3. The free reign to take as long as we want to vote from our bosses.
2. Election day perks at Starbucks, Chick-fil-a, Ben and Jerry's, and Krispy Kreme and more...
1. Getting to be a part of deciding the future for America.

But, seriously people. Go vote. It's important. It's critical. It's today.

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  1. funny. If not for my headache today, I could have enjoyed it all more. BTW, I went to two different Starbucks (one at the grocery store, one with Kara after she voted) and got 2 free cups. I gave one to Emily because my head was hurting so much. Off to bed now - hopefully I'll wake in the a.m. with no hurting.