In Case You Didn't Already Know...

We had a baby.

I'm pretty sure the whole world already knows Felix has arrived based on the amount of vines, tweets, twitpics, facebook updates, instagrams and blogs that I have posted on the interwebs about the kid. However, I felt inspired to take some pictures of my lil buddy one day to practice my photography and then some of them turned out so lovely that a birth announcement was in order.

I whipped this up, got about 100 printed through snapfish and shutterfly and plan to pass them out to everyone and anyone who crosses my path.

What do you think?


  1. This is the cutest thing. Ever! He is just so sweet, friend. Congratulations! :)

  2. Gorgeous announcement. Gorgeous child.

    1. thanks mama! I've got one for you! I'll drop it in the mail this week. :)