I really feel bad for Judas. This isn't a fully formed thought...but his story has got to be the WORST story of the Bible, yet it is absolutely one of the most vital to the salvation of the world.

He was one of the people closest to Jesus when his sandals met the clay of this earth. He broke bread with Jesus. He traveled with Jesus. He saw first hand Jesus feed the masses, raise the dead, and cast out hoards of demons. Yet, in the end satan enters him and he blows it all for a bag of coins. Yet...what he set in motion, or what God set in motion through this broken man, rescued me.

I really struggle with the story of Judas. I don't understand it and have mentioned it before on this blog. I know hundreds or thousands have written, spoken and picked apart the reason, justification, and truth behind how his narrative panned out, but even through all that it is so hard for me to know whether or not he really had free will in that situation. Jesus prophesies his betrayal and satan enters him. It seems to me the guy really got blind sided. But, deep down I know Judas made a hundred choices along the way that left his heart vulnerable, bitter, jealous, greedy, and ready for betrayal.

His story ends in the worst way possible. Hanging in a field. It's incredibly tragic. Honestly, my heart kinda hurts for the guy. One of the few who was privileged to sit with Jesus day in a day out and it ends in destruction.

So tonight, Josh and I read the tragic story of Judas, which is really the beautiful story of Jesus washing his disciples feet (including Judas's) and breaking bread the night before he faced the biggest challenge in all of history. My bread - mint chocolate chip ice cream. My wine - water. I thank God for a bigger plan, a deeper story, and a greater love than my mind can comprehend.

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