Easter Basket Dreaming

We have been super lucky to have loads of Family and friends come down to visit us and meet little bud bud since he was born. This past weekend was no exception. It was full of sweet times with our  good friends from college Liz and Matt. Most of the time was spent relaxing around the house, but we went out for a meal or two and even braved the snow(!) that came on March 25th and went to a local vineyard for a wine tasting.

The bad weather has got me (and the rest of the continental US) longing for spring. With Easter this coming weekend seeing flurries just didn't feel right. We get to enjoy some more visitors this weekend as Josh's side of the family descends on Nashville for the holiday. The house will be crowded and there will be loads of snuggles and hugs for Felix.

Even though chocolate, bunnies and painted eggs aren't anywhere near the real reason for celebration, I'm still itching to get my little man a small basket of goodies for his first Easter. It will mostly be filled with simple toys and maybe a book or two, but if a money were no object I'd love to get him something like this.

1. Felix the Fox Tea Towel Plush Toy by sarahyoung5
2. Mini rodini organic bon voyage t-shirt by thumbeline
3. Baltic Amber Teething Necklace by Bambero
4. Moccasin by Freshly Picked
5. Baby boy skinny jeans by Zara
6. Grey Knit Cap from Nordstroms
7. Love You Forever from Amazon

Also, dreaming of getting Willow a mini basket of goodies...

2. Acacia food bowls by inubar
3. Garden Plush Toys by PetPlay
4. Fleece dog hoodie by American Apparel
5. Boots and Barkley Rawhide Twists - Target
6. Arrow Head Dog Collar - GreyPawDesign

Oh and while we're at it, for my Mister, too...

What kinds of things do you want to put in your easter baskets this year? Hope you are having a great Wednesday!


  1. omg i love these! easter basket wishes! btw- *love you forever* is my ALL-TIME favorite children's book! It's so touching! I'm gonna make some lists too! PS- I read that the lighter the color amber, the more effective. XO

    1. Michelle! Good to know about the amber necklace! My preference would have been a dark color, but I would much rather it be effective! :)