Promises Pilgrimage

"Don't make any plans this Saturday, Ok?" He said to me while we both shuffled around our tiny kitchen me putting away clean dishes and him making dinner . "Ok, why? Do you have something you want to do?" I reply.

"Promise not to shoot it down, even though it might sound stupid?"


"I want to drive around town and visit all the places where the Lord has been faithful to us and provided for our family since being in Nashville." He states his well thought out plan

So on Saturday morning we loaded our son into the car, filled our bellies with coffee and pastries from Whole Foods and headed toward Williamson County Hospital where God protected me during a Gallbladder surgery in 2008.

We passed the old building for the Franklin Vineyard where we both came to this church community we have come to call family.

We thanked God for Real Food Farms where our Brother in Law works and where we have received countless free veggies that led to healthy bodies paving the way for a healthy pregnancy.

We drove by Grace Center church, where God first revealed the moving of his Holy Spirit in powerful ways at a Bill Johnson conference in 2007.

We made our way downtown to Green Hills by Josh's old job and the starbucks where he told me he was laid off from a position that made him unhappy.

Past Vanderbilt hospital where we welcomed our beautiful son into the world and both of us cried as we praised Him for a beautiful delivery and healthy child.

To the Country Music Hall of Fame and the job that brought us down south in the first place. Where I cut my teeth in marketing and had an amazing business mentor and friends.

Out by the airport where Josh learned code at Acxiom and was able to lay ground work for building ESL Basics and developed skills that landed him his job at Magazines.

Past our old apartment, where we first lived. Where we made pasta or egg sandwiches for dinner most nights. Lived on a shoestring budget. Had our first big fight. Had our first big reconciliation. Made it through a cold winter. And into a warm spring. And where we realized just how much work and fun it is being married.

The day was topped off at Brixx for salad and pizza. Where Felix continued to act like a dream after 2.5 hours in the car, sleeping in my arms while we prayed one final time, giving thanks to God for never letting us down. For never faltering. For being a good and faithful Father. For hemming us in behind and before and paving the way for our future full of His blessing and goodness.

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