Well, Hello August

This is a strange post following my last one, but I'm a ball of pregnancy emotions and thoughts lately.  Forgive my mood swings, please.


July was a whirlwind. I found myself traveling less, doing less, and sort of feeling like I wasted an entire wild and sweet month of pregnancy and alone time prior to baby accomplishing menial tasks. I'm still thankful for a lot but this feeling of a thrown away month makes me a bit sad. I've always have an urgency in my spirit to not waste the time that I am given here. The time of much needed self-reflection/relaxing prior to bring another soul into the wide world, but also, just my time on planet earth.

In fact, I have an entire pinterest board dedicated to inspiring words that will give me hope and push me towards a life lived to the full. A well balanced and beautiful Carpe Diem life...if you will. Apparently these beautifully designed words were a momentary muse (at best) and forgotten for the most part in the month of July.

See my problem is not inspiration, for thousands of people are inspired millions of times a day and I'm one of them. Blogging, pinterest, stumble upon, and other creative sites across the internet have made sure there is no lack of the lovely, delicious, clutter-free, skinny, or cute to gaze upon. We browse and feel our spirits lift in a moment of - I could do that, have that, be that, wear that, make that. *Repin*

My problem is action. God gave me a desire to create. He even built in me a higher than average goal oriented personality that is driven and confident and strong enough to be creative (for it isn't a journey for the faint of heart.) Yet, somehow, I let entire months slip by as a blip on the screen of my one precious life.

I'm determined for August to be more. Here are a few goals of mine to try and uphold through out the coming month.

  • Spend time with God and get my nose in the scriptures
  • Cook at least 3 dinners at home a week
  • Take time to bond with bébé every day
  • Move for 30 mins every day (pool, walk, elliptical, Yoga, bike)
  • Soak in one-on-one friend time at least 2 times a week
  • Create something every day. (paint, worship, write, take photos)
  • Figure out what it means to be joyful. Be it.
  • Put the iPhone away. Turn off the TV. Power down the computer. Be present.

Do you have high aspirations for August? I'd love to hear them.


  1. Such good goals.
    And I know exactly what you mean. Some times I lack the power of execution.

    This summer has been whizzing by us. And just when it's starting to slow down, I'm feeling those lethargic and uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy. Just like you, I'm doing my best to rest and enjoy the space but also not lose sight of being creative and motivated while I have this kind of time!

    Thanks for sharing, Kat!

  2. It's so important to spend some time creating or doing what you love every day (especially with a new baby) Having struggled with postpartum during my first 2 pregnancies I made sure to sew a little every day even if it was just 5 minutes after I had Gideon.

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  4. How do you have 3 new blog entries that I am just now seeing?! (Thanks to your hubby posting it on fb.)

    Now August is nearly over. Good goals. How did you do?