Expectant Mom Delivery Basket

I'm one of those strange people who love pregnancy. And I don't just mean the idea of pregnancy or seeing another person full of life and glowing...I mean I actually loved going through pregnancy myself.

My pregnancy was one of those special, not-a-lot-of-complications-no-morning-sickness-relatively-easy pregnancies. (I know, I know...try not to roll your eyes). Even stranger, not only did I like pregnancy, but I liked labor. Don't get me wrong, my 20 hours of intense contractions and 2.5 hours of pushing was the hardest thing I've ever done. But in that process I felt more connected to my body, more connected to my husband and at time more peace (in times) than ever. It was like little bits of heaven and God's grace meeting me in each intense wave of pain and getting me that much closer to meeting the sweet red-headed child of my dreams was even better.

But, the whole process of packing the hospital bag. The anticipation of waiting for those first real contractions. Talking through different labor techniques and distractions we will use. Birth classes, books, blogs, youtube videos, documentaries and more all designed to help us prepare for something that we couldn't possibly grasp or understand till we went through it ourselves.

Today is my sister-in-law's due date. She is expecting her second boy and when we went to visit them a few weekends ago I got all excited thinking about her labor and adding another little boy to the Michael family tree. So before we left for our visit I put together a little goodie basket for her labor, delivery, and postpartum time in the hospital.

It was mostly snacks for her to keep up her energy during labor, but there were a few extra things as well. A headband, hand cream for her hubby to give her a lovely distracting hand massage during some rough contractions, a back massager, chapstick, tea for a sore throat postpartum, cold packs, tucks pads, nursing pads, some emery boards for the baby (hospitals don't provide files or nail clippers so it's a good thing to have to avoid baby scratching their own face), and some travel sized hygiene essentials so she can use them at the hospital and then leave them when she goes.

All of these items were really inexpensive or things I had around my house already. The new baby is usually the one getting all of the attention and gifts, but it's totally rad to think about the mommy and all her body, heart, and mind will be going through as well. If you have a friend who is getting ready to go into labor, a little basket like this might brighten her day!


  1. Thank you for this. I am having a scheduled c section and I am going to make myself a little goodie basket. My husband thinks it is a wonderful idea for when he has to sneak away and care for our older children.

    1. Congrats on your upcoming baby! I'm sure you will be amazing throughout the process! You totally should make yourself a basket! I recently made another one of these for my little sister who is due any day now and also included a few note cards with encouraging verses and quotes on them! Praying for a healthy mom & baby and a speedy recovery for you!