eucharisteo: simple thanks

eucharisteo: simple thanks is a weekly post where I compile all my notes of thanks from the past days and share.

Medicine for my sick little
Sunflowers brightening my kitchen and my day
Giant pots of spicy curry veggies over quinoa
A spice bottle providing 20 minutes of entertainment for Felix
A husband who balances out my bad
phone catchups during a morning walk
Safe travels
Car naps and my husband the road warrior
Wildebeest (aka willow)
BBQ made by my brother in law at Brothers
Giant chocolate chip cookies
Big pregnant bellies full of life and ready to burst
Little pregnant bellies, just as full of life and glowing with anticipation
Housemate dinner around homemade pizzas
Freedom to stay home with my son
Sister wedding plans and excitement
afternoon thunder storms and listening to raindrops hit the tin carport
Free gourmet bagels
Homeopathic remedies
Dinner on the patio
Felix enjoying pizza crust
A stretch of 6 hours of sleep for my wee one!
Sunny pool time
Baby pulling up on everything and learning how to get back down

top: my men, colorful playground, afternoon treat, baby led weaning
middle: grass discovery, hearty lunch, worship snuggles, gift wrapping fun
bottom: labor love package, adventurer face wounds, yummy affordable vino, unexpected benjamins. 

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