August Daily Prompt Round Up

I ended up only posting once on my blog related to the Daily Instagram Prompts from Creature Comforts in the month of August. But, I really enjoyed thinking outside the box on the photos I was taking. It challenged me to look around and find beauty in little moments throughout my day. Here are the results.

I think my favorite one is "light" I spend so much time looking at his crib and not seeing it as anything beautiful, but on the day "light" was the prompt the morning sun came in through the window and highlighted the simplicity and loveliness of his bed from right where I sat nursing my son. It was a beautiful moment.

1 comment:

  1. These are breathtaking! I am sure I will be back to look at them again and again. Maybe you should make a fb album of these prompted photographs. :)

    The reflected image of you is stunning.