Happy Fall!

I have been swallowed whole by motherhood, fall activities, travel, and sheer exhaustion. Until a week ago I was still going to sleep each night dreading the inevitable 4-6 wakings before 7AM. And I would barely make it through each day because I was unsure if I would even get a nap out of my little buddy. At 3, 4, 5, 6, and even the beginning of 7 months I could hack it, but when we were rolling into 8 and nine months with nothing changing I couldn't put my fingers to a keyboard to write ANYTHING because I feared only negativity and complaining would spill out as I was rapidly approaching the line of insanity.

However, something in the last week has clicked with Felix and he is now only waking 2 times max and oftentimes can get himself settled and back to sleep rather quickly. Could have been he hit some large mile stones lately (steps, crazy crusing, feeding himself) or that as long as he wasn't really upset and was just sort of shouting and not really crying we would give him 5 minutes to settle and he oftentimes could do so in 2 mins or less or maybe it was that we had him adjusted at the chiropractor.

Either way, sanity is being restored to the Michael household and I may start to make a few more appearances here on this little blog instead of spacing out because that's all i could muster during my free time.

Here are a few things that have happened the last month while I was absent.

My blog turned 5. (Crazy)
My littlest sister got married!
Felix has taken a few steps.
Fall continued being awesome and my favorite of all the seasons.
We went to a wedding in Bloomington, IL
Felix and I visited the Cahills for 3 days
Felix is learning to master the art of sleeping
We attended a super encouraging conference in Campbellsville, KY
I have already started listening to Christmas music

We have a family themed costume planned for tonight. 

Yup. Pilgrim, Indian and Turkey. Even though it's raining and most of the trick-or-treating is canceled, Josh and I still are still planning to go to Publix for their candy passing out and then dinner as a family to Carrabba's for $5 pizza night.

That's all for now! Happy Thursday that happens to also be Halloween.

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