Some Things I'm Happy About

Life is so busy right now. That seems to be a common theme among all bloggers this Christmas. Regardless of the busyness of the season I feel immensely blessed. Two days ago Josh and I went on a walk and on the way just started naming the things we are thankful for and I was overwhelmed. Often times we get so busy that we don't even realize all that we have to be thankful for. So, since I never wrote a thanksgiving post I'm going to "count my blessings" in the way of Bing Crosby in White Christmas...except without the singing.
  • My faithful, serving, loving husband who puts so much thought into making me feel like a princess.
  • My Parents and in-laws for showing me a great example of marriage and staying together.
  • My mom for encouraging me in everything that I do and praying fiercely for me to grow up as a woman of God. I love your sense of humor and desire to know more of God. I see so much of myself in you.
  • My Dad for being patient and loving with wisdom. For stretching my perspective. Inspiring me to be better at guitar. And being able to fix everything you ever laid eyes on that was broken.
  • My sisters. I love each of them dearly. (Even the in-laws). They are all so different and make me want to deepen my relationship with them each and every day. My life is richer because they are a part of it. Kara - you a tons of fun. I love that we are candid with one another and are growing closer to each other as we get older. Specs - Sweet woman of God . I look up to you in so many ways. Em - Amazing sense of humor. Super smart and talented. You are the perfect fit for our family. I love that as you get older you are more of a friend and not just a lil sis. Drassy - You have taught me so much in the short time I've known you. You are playing a pivotal part in my walk with the Lord and I'm grateful. Jo Jo - You are one of the most easy going people i've ever met. It makes you fun to be around and talk to.
  • My brother in law. Nate - you are one of the most encouraging people i've ever met. You are really great at connecting with what people are passionate about and then building on that passion.
  • My in-laws - Doug - so goofy. Things are never dull when you are around. You love your family so much, it shows. Sarah - you accepted your daughter in-laws (and soon to be son in law) as your own. You have a very loving and giving spirit.
  • My church.
  • My pastor and pastor's wife.
  • The worship team. You all are so talented.
  • The Ostranders
  • The Reids (amazing new friends!)
  • The Atnips (Depth of knowledge and fun!)
  • My past - even though it isn't the best in the world, i'm glad it has shaped me to be who i am today.
  • Our youth group. They are crazy but so much fun!
  • my condo.
  • Mine and Josh's health.
  • The Choates.
  • The vineyard in Cambellsville and all the people in it.
  • Our cars.
  • The talent I've been blessed with and the encouragement i've received from friends and family to steward the talent well.
  • My job. I'm never bored. I love my co-workers. I couldn't ask for more.
  • Josh's job. He is finally happy.
  • The bible
  • My guitars
  • My keyboard
  • Jesus for being who he is...good, loving, gracious, faithful, mighty, powerful, precious, awesome. and for dying for me. I can't thank you enough.
I am blessed.


  1. I'm thankful for you, how you share your gifts with others, how you light up a room, how you make worship so supernaturally beautiful and for your wonderful laugh. I'm thankful for your dedication to the Body of Christ and how you just don't give up. So thankful I get to spend eternity with you.

  2. Dear sweet Katherine, you are more like me than you even yet know....someday you will shuffle in slippers like me. I remember the first time I heard that shuffling noise and realized it was me. Ha! Just like MY mom.

    Love this blog.