It's True. Prayer Works!

So I get a big fat “F” in February for following through on my 2 time monthly commitment to blog. I’m blaming it on the fact that Feb. is the shortest month…and also on my complete lack of creativity from about Feb. 2 – Feb. 26…Can you forgive me so we can move on? Thanks!

I want to let all my avid readers know that I’ve turned a corner. Last week our small group prayed over me and I felt a total burden lift off of me. I was washed over in Hope. No longer stuck under the proverbial black cloud, you might say. Thanks for anyone out there who was also praying for me during this time. Right now I have a heightened awareness of the power of prayer. I know that sounds cliché but, honestly I can tell when my life is being covered in prayer. There is a peace that overwhelms my spirit and I’m filled with life. It’s an amazing feeling to say the least.

Through all this I’m reminded of the call of intercession on my life and that I should be walking in that call feverishly. The prayers I lift up aren’t just floating off into nothingness…they land on the ears of the King of the universe and He moves when I pray. I’m thankful for that. I’m thankful that He wants to hear from us and that we get to approach his throne with confidence.

On a side note – I’m going to onething regional’s tonight in Nashville. Here's to expecting great things.


  1. Be sure to tell us avid readers how it goes at onething!

  2. Ah...washed over in Hope! Love it.

    Why did I not know you had posted?

    You must post on fb when you post on your blog or I might miss it!

  3. Prayer is amazing. : )

    And coming from a fellow over-achiever-- I think your new years resolutions are coming a long great! I enjoy reading your blogs!

  4. HEY YOU! write another entry. :)