"Will you play with me?" Chris half wines/half asks the second we enter the house.

Instantly he turns phone charger cords into lassos, closets into dungeons, pillows into shields, hallways into escape passageways, and blankets into capes.

HELLO Dimples!

He Loves his uncle Josh.
Dancing the night away!

His imagination amazes me. This kind of creativity is further proof of us being made in God's image.  I miss being able to view the world through the wide-eyes of a child where everything becomes a game.

I'm also amazed at how quickly this little boy captured the heart of my family. You see, we are new to this whole "kids-around" thing. Annalee just joined us in November and, well, she's a girl. We are pretty used to girls around here (with 3 sisters, my mom, my niece, my girl dog willow, and my family's girl dog dolly) And she doesn't do much more than sleep, eat, poo, and make cute faces at this point.

When we found out 4-year old Chris was going to be making it for Ewing family christmas I think we successfully purchased every spiderman item Walmart carries plus some hot wheels, gross squishy alligators, and super-hero coloring books. This is like an entirely different dimension for a family used to barbies, tea-parties, and dress up.
Cheesin' for Auntie Em

Whispering cute things to Auntie Bec

Chris helps Grandpapa put together cups for the reception

One of the items's on Chris' Christmas wish list was a mustache. We found a vending machine that had stick-on mustaches in little plastic bubbles for $.50. PERFECT! Except for when he put it on and started to make some funny faces and then tried to take it off. Let's just say it was a little bit of a dark-night-of-the-soul for this little guy's upper lip. We're just hopping he remember the bike we bought him and not the traumatic ripping off of the sticky mustache.

and the pine branch...

Becomes a mustache!

We got some great use out of the stashes on New Year's eve though...

Blending Chris in with our family seemed so simple and just completely right. He heads back to Florida today and till spring break, and then the summer. I can't wait till he comes back! Love you Chris!


  1. WHAT A CUTIE!!! :D i love that fake-`stache!!

  2. I miss him like crazy - and I'm not even in Nashville!

    Hopefully I'll be able to Skype with him even from Florida. I went to the library yesterday and stocked up on books - just in case. I have them waiting - so I'll be prepared if I get to see his cute face.

    Praying for one and all. JP must be sad right about now...

  3. He is ADORABLE! Boys are so much fun. I have four nephews... there has been a little man in our family since I was 12. (I've much older brothers) I love all of the Nerf guns, how they can make anything into a game and how they simply don't care they are filthy. So fun.

  4. I miss that wee nephew already...
    I can't wait to hang out with him again this summer.