Bring on 2013

Joining the masses in the obligatory New Year's blog post - even though mine is a week late.

2012 was amazing. 2013 will be even better.

2012 Highlights:

Launched My Etsy shop - Voyage Vintage and announced a new business venture - Voyage Creatives

God's perfectly beautiful timing with the loss of my job and the opening of new job opportunities for Josh.

Transitioned rather smoothly from a 9-5 to a stay-at-home-person pursuing passions and dreaming.

Traveled to Connecticut and New York City for our 5th Anniversary. Read books out loud to Josh in the car. Ate amazing food. Saw long lost friends. Wept at the 9/11 memorial. Smiled till our faces hurt at a musical. Soaked in amazing art. Became addicted to live polo games.

Took a trip to Vegas. Soaked in the sun. Snuggled. Realized I could easily be a gambling addict and thanked God there isn't a casino near Nashville.

Was blessed like crazy by 3 amazing baby showers in Illinois, Ohio, and Tennessee.

Found out we were expecting and prepared space in our home and hearts for the bébé.

Soaked in our final moments as a family of 2 with just a low-maintenance fur-baby and spent TONS of time with friends.

Hopes for 2013:

  • Drink more water.
  • Drink more delicious wine. (Won't be hard to do considering I was preggo most of 2012)
  • Have a baby as naturally as possible. (Maybe even today!)
  • Walk more.
  • Remain present and cherish the early days of mommy-hood.
  • Watch my husband transform into a daddy and journey into parentdom by his side.
  • Write more.
  • Be thankful and savor small moments of goodness.
  • Read more.
  • Fully launch Voyage Creatives as freelance marketing, design,  and photography services.

It's crazy that any day now I will have my body back. I honestly loved being pregnant. I'm really excited to meet our little one, but I am going to miss this stage of life. Growing a human and letting God prepare my heart, mind and body for becoming a mom - I've really enjoyed all he has taught me and the closeness I've felt to my bébé and Josh.

I could use all of your prayer as we approach our due date - January 12th. I really desire to go into labor without induction and to deliver naturally. So prayer for strength and for my body and our little bug's body to function perfectly over the next few days/weeks. Also, pray for perfect health and smooth transition into life with a baby.

With that said - I leave you with a couple of photos from my 39 week maternity shoot with Mel from Angel Wings Photography last weekend.