5:30 a.m.

I have started working out in the mornings. I am pushing my self to actually train for this years 1/2 marathon. I have set a goal of completing it with a 10 min/mile as my average. That is pretty dang aggressive for me considering last year when I rand it I averaged 13.5 min/mile. To train for this 1/2 I have figured out a work out schedule that incorporates morning and evening work outs 5 times a week.

The past few days I have had a 5:30 a.m. wake up call. Jumping in the car with Josh while it is still pitch black outside and the freezing cold air jolting us to the reality of the day. The first day was rough. Running that early isn't natural and I could barely make it the 2 miles that were scheduled. The next day it was still hard to wake up, but the run was slightly easier. Today waking up wasn't so hard and neither was the run (3 miles). It's crazy how our bodies adjust to routine.

There are 3 things about this whole morning workout that I really enjoy.
  1. The workout is out of the way. You don't have to think about it and dread it the whole day. Also you have a free evening to do whatever you want. If you end up vegging in front of the T.V. that's okay, becuase you ran 3 miles and burned 500 calories that morning. yay!
  2. The feeling you get afterward. You have accomplished something. You got yourself out of bed and pushed your body into submission. Your blood is pumping. Your face is red. Sweat is dripping down your neck and back and you don't have to run anymore. Your done! I think they call that "runners high"
  3. Listening to worship music. I listen to fast worship when I run, and it turns my morning work out in to worship that is glorifying God. Not just selfish ambition to lose weight or do well in a race, but it begins to focus my mind on him and point my day toward the father.

I am hoping to keep this morning workout...heck working out in general, up. If you think about it, pray that I don't get burnt out. Even when the bed is comfy and the alarm would be so easy to turn off, pray that the Lord will remind me of the 3 things mentioned above and that I can have the will power to push through. .

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  1. impressive! really.

    I'm always wary when people say their favorite part of their workout is that it is over... haha