Is it selfish for me to create the below "before I turn 35 list"? Am I putting my own surface agenda's before the Lord's plan for my life? Or it is good to have a list like this so I have fun things to stive towards and I live life to the full? Would I really be living life to the full if I completed the list? To me, it seems like I will just be participating in some fun events and never really making an impact on anything...however, I want your opinion. Leave a comment. Let me know what you think about Bucket Lists, before 35 lists etc...


  1. I have a mental Bucket List. Crossed a few things off it. Some things may never happen, and if they don't, well, I won't go out of my way to try to force them to.
    But goals are good -- if your goal is to go somewhere or read a certain book or see a certain play, well, that's just rounding you out as a person, isn't it?
    I think God wants us to be interested in life. And Bucket Lists are a small way to remind us to be interested.

  2. Life to the full, baby, life to the full. Bring it. All of it. Abundant.

  3. I like them. I think they're fun. And they might stretch you do some things you wouldn't have done if you didn't lay 'em out and name 'em.

    Another perspective, though, is that lists can be terrifying. It's a struggle because I am really afraid of missing out on something because I think I might forget it. I also use lists as an excuse to put a bunch of my plans out there (as you are afraid of doing) that will get in the way of God's plans. Usually God's plans are so much more surprising than what I can put into a list.
    I haven't made a list since June.
    God is freeing me from lists... but that doesn't mean you need to be freed from them!

    Really I think unless they control you, lists can be good reminders. Test your Before 35 out, See what the impact is. If it's positive and encouraging, keep it. If it feels constricting or terrifying, delete it.