Operating in Power

God has been teaching me more and more that my life should be operating in power. I shouldn't just wait till I am at church to be moving in the supernatural but I should be naturally supernatural every day of my life. I should be walking around abiding in him as I drive, type, sit in meetings, take phone calls, eat, sleep etc. and I will naturally be filled with his presence and begin to operate in the power that will bring people to him.

As I abide in him, my heart will begin to see life in places where things have gone dead...i will start to see God's solution for ruptured and dissolving situations. I will begin to realize the Good He has for the world. And rather than be overwhelmed by the collapsing governments and surrounded by adulterous nations and people hopefully I will have the courage to speak truth and glory into those situations.

I am trying to fix my eyes on him and learn what this looks like. Learn to live like Jesus every step of the way...

Of course it is a lot easier to write about all this than it is to actually live it. It's a lot easier to say I will walk up to a hurting and lonely stranger and give them a prophetic word. It's a lot easier to say I will pray for a co-worker when they tell me they aren't feeling well. It's a lot easier to say when someone passes me in a wheelchair while I'm doing my lunch time devotional that I will boldly walk in their direction and ask to pray for their entire healing...mind, body and, soul.

Lord, give me strength and courage...this was your plan from the beginning, and it's going to take a while for this fearful little mind to adapt to, but I honestly want this.

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  1. I liked your status earlier today:

    "He's just not that hard to persuade ...this was all His idea."
    - Bill Johnson

    It will be good to hear your stories as you begin to step out in His power and see the world through His eyes.