Today, I was driving home after spending a beautiful afternoon of fellowship, prayer and worship with a great friend and I felt overwhelmed. I felt overwhelmed with a sense of joy and God's blessing on my life. I couldn't stand it. I started saying out loud over and over again, "thank you. thank you. thank you." till I found myself weeping. I am just so blessed to be seen and known by the Lord of the universe.

That He would care enough for me to give me a day off and fill it with irreplaceable moments with an amazing friend. That He would care enough to use me, the broken sinning vessel that I am. That He would care enough to bless me with a home, an amazing husband, a brilliant church, plenty of food, a job in the weakening economy, free space and time to meditate on him, my health, my families health, caring friends and more. That He would care enough to meet me in my car driving on 65 north on a random Friday afternoon and show me how blessed I am.

My heart is full right now. Thank you to who ever is out there praying...I'm feeling it. I'm so overwhelmed.


  1. I have prayed a lot for all four of you girls today. My heart is so full to hear that you feel His pleasure. Just before I read this post - I was sitting at my desk "working" and listening to "The Revelation Song" (I posted it on fb) and began to praise Him. I had tears running down my face, arms raised and I truly adore Him. He has blessed us beyond, way beyond what we could ever deserve. Amen.

  2. Kat: mom told me today about what happened at work. Wild and so so good. I am so glad that God sees us and blesses us in all the small (yet so big!) ways.

    I love you. Praise God for His care.
    Just as we need it.