In Which I Beg for Your Book Suggestions.

I love to read. When I find a good book i will tear through it in a few days without blinking an eye. Okay...so I blink my eyes a few times during those few days, but it's rare. I get engrossed in the characters. the language. the plot development. the emotions. the action. every little piece of it i fall in love with.

And when I turn that final page and read that final word, i find satisfaction mixed with disappointment. Happily finished with yet another good read and feeling a bit proud that i tore through the book so quickly, yet longing for a next chapter to read and fall deeper into wonderland.

It's been since Summer that i really felt this captivated by a book and i'm in desperate need of another good read. Every time i go to the library or book store i find myself overwhelmed with choices and can never narrow down which next book i should read.

I need suggestions. I typically only read fiction. I'm willing to venture out to non-fiction, but only if you are willing to bet your good book-worm name on its quality. Here are a few types of books i tends to read and like:

  • Relationship heavy books. I've read and liked: Of Mice and Men, The 5 People You Will Meet in Heaven, Little Women, and (gasp!) Twilight.
  • Books where characters are moved by God. I've read and liked: Redeeming Love and The Shack.
  • Fantasy/action and (awkwardly for my age) young adult books. I've read and liked: Chronicles of Narnia, Wicked, The Hatchet (sad since i read this in 5th grade and still consider it one of my favorites?), The Hobbit, Harry Potter.
  • Classics, but not Nathaniel Hawthorne. The man bores me with his writing. I've tried 3 times and can't get through the first chapter of Scarlet Letter. I've read and liked: Wurthering Heights, Tale of Two Cities, Pride and Prejudice
Help! I can't spend another night watching Hulu when there is so much great literature out there that is only separated from me because of my indecision!


  1. For more modern reading, I love Ian McEwan (Atonement, Amsterdam,etc.) I loved reading "The History of Love" and also "Peace Like a River." My classic addiction is any F. Scott Fitzgerald, and like any far too introspective girl, also Sylvia Plath. And finally, my secretest guilty pleasure is Agatha Christie. And the woman wrote like 84 novels, so I'm sure you can find something you like. :)

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  3. Try some Robin McKinnley, Neil Gaimen, and Terry Pratchett (he's more of the British satirical humor, totally worth it)for fantasy fiction.I would recommend Bird By Bird for nonfiction, it's about writing so if you aren't into books that discuss how to write in a humorous voice than you might not like it. And Love in the Time of Cholera (very pretty prose, and a classic). Have you tried the Mark of the Lion series (for both relational and characters moved by God). That's off the top of my head, I hope at least one suggestion works.

  4. Commenting on the other comments!
    I can vouch that The History of Love is a good read. I also love Neil Gaiman; Terry Pratchett is my all-time favorite author ever (try Monstrous Regiment to start. It will make you feel proud to be a woman).

    Bird by Bird is inspiring! Love her work.

    Was not a fan of Love in the Time of Cholera or the Mark of the Lion series. But lots of people love them!

    For my own suggestions, I'd say The Secret Life of Bees or (I just finished this one and loveloved it) The Help.

  5. Don't know if it fits any of your criteria, but if you're ever in the mood for a silly, fun book series, try Janet Evanovich. The books all have a number in the title - One for the Money, being the first. These books are purely for entertainment and totally make me laugh out loud.
    Also fun are the shopaholic series (the movie was made after the first book, but the others are fun too).
    I don't read anything deep, so you may not like my taste, but if you're up for a change of pace, try these out.

  6. No Nathaniel Hawthorn??? Ok, well that cuts my list in half. Just kidding. Since moving, I've read a few I think you'd like. First, 'The Count of Monte Cristo'. Abridged. But don't be fooled, it's still ridiculously long. And NOTHING like the movie. But I LOVED it.
    Second, 'Peter Pan'. Seriously good.
    And now I'm in 'The Secret Garden', which you would think would be too juvenile, but it's totally a grown-up book too. I love it so far.