Wish List

I made a Christmas/Birthday wish list for my husband today. It was a bit of a marathon process and was tons of fun to make, but honestly at the end I felt a bit like a gluttonous over-indulgent, materialistic American.

Before I share it with all of you, let me preface it by saying that I know I have EVERYTHING I need. I don't really even want all of this stuff because that would be completely wasteful and I would feel a bit disgusted with myself if ever this much money was spent on one person. This was just a fun way of shopping for me without spending any money and also, I love making lists.

With that said, I present you the 2010 Katherine Michael Wish List. Try and not get overwhelmed...or get sick by this excessiveness of it all

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  1. Ha! She wants a dictionary! Nice. I love you. I hope you get some lovely gifts in the coming year.