Happy Bubbles

It's amazing how busy your life can be even with out a 9-5 job. I find my hours spent much differently than they were when I worked from a cube, but they are still jam-packed. Jam-packed loads of activities and loads of happy-bubbles. 

Def. Happy-Bubbles: little things that float around each day bringing moments of joy, blessing, inspiration, ah-ha's and other fabulous things for the creative mind. 

Some happy-bubbles floating my way recently:

Lace curtains found at Goodwill and turned into lace ribbon for Voyage packaging

Costco flowers in mason jars that are lasting an alarmingly long time

This adorable dog who dotes after me and follows me everywhere even though I have invaded "her" home during business hours.

My skirt mania fever being fed by super deals at thrift stores....now if we can only get some warmer weather.

Coffee, thrifting, and thai food dates with the fabulous Amy Dunn.

Teardrop Earrings from Target for $5!

My niece Annalee's new-found curly hair.

Indian and Cigars with friends

Exciting plans for these collected Hatch Show Print babies

Discovering Pueblo Real and their dish that rivals Aroz con Pollo in Anderson, IN

West Wing marathons with my stud.

picking up my groceries here and eating organic vegetarian dinners 4 nights a week.

cute Easter family iphone portraits

Oh...and let's not forget my surprise new computer from the stud.

any happy bubbles in your life?


  1. Two things:

    1. Genius idea with the lace curtains! I never even thought about looking at Goodwill for that sort of thing. So smart!

    2. Is that YOUR puppy? What kind is she? So stinkin' adorable!

  2. I had no idea you had a blog! It looks great, and I'm jealous of your great goodwill finds. I don't get to go thrifting very often... can't control myself :-)

  3. Happy bubble of the day = discovering your blog activity. :)