Hopefully not all of my posts will be baby related. In fact I'm kind of getting sick of them myself, but yesterday I spent way too much time playing on polyvore and exploring laybabylay.com for nursery inspiration.  (If you haven't been there - GO! It's amazing) 

Since we will be doing a gender neutral room we thought a Narnia theme would be perfect. Not just The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe - cold winter Narnia, but all 7 books Narnia. I need to reread them for a bit more inspiration, but here is where I've landed to start. 

Kind of woodsy and natural but bright with brown and white as the base colors and green, yellow, and robins egg/turquoise as the accents. 

The Narnia map was the main inspiration for the room. It was a special garage sale find that Josh and I came across over a year ago. Bought it for $3 and found out later it's worth hundreds - Pretty exciting! It's much brighter in real life. The lake nearly matches the blue in the rug I chose. 

I have a question for other mamas though...

What do you recommend when it comes to a chair in the nursery? Did you find your glider/rocker super important or is it OK to have a normal non-rocking/gliding chair? I really like the green accent chair and think it would be practical for repurposing post-baby, but I don't want to regret it at 3 am 6 months from now when I have to stand and sway to get baby back to sleep. Advice?


  1. SO CUTE! Love the colors. I'm totally redoing the nursery for baby number two, so I love the inspiration.

    Re: a chair. I couldn't fit one in Iris' nursery with some of the other furniture we had, but at the time we had a rocking recliner in our living room that I used. It was nice--on the late nights--to be out there with the television, etc. But in all honesty, that was just for a feeding. The nights where I was rocking baby to sleep? Only standing worked with Iris so I found myself pacing the floor.

    It's nice to give yourself options, but who knows what you'll need when the baby comes, you know?!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a great theme! I love it. as far as the chair goes, it's hard to say for sure until you know if you're baby likes to be rocked or not - for us, I don't think it was completely necessary, and I think i would have preferred a big comfy chair or at least a cushy glider. The chair we ended up getting is not very comfortable. :-/ Comfort is the biggest thing.