An engagement photo and the engagement roses and ring.

Six years ago on October 25th I started my Wednesday as usual. Class. Loads of stress and homework the hope of a late afternoon nap. The day before my boyfriend of 1.5 years, Josh had mentioned grabbing a bite to eat together for dinner the next day. So I nestled into my nap around 4 with an alarm set to wake at 5:30 (intending to snooze till 6) to make it just in time for dinner.

At about 5:15 my roommate Natalie woke me from my slumber with a little note card and a deep red rose from Josh. On the notecard there was a picture of me and Josh at the beginning of our relationship, a line from our song (Until You, by Dave Barnes) and a riddle sending me to his house for the next clue.

I was used to Josh being sweet and romantic so I honestly just thought he was doing this to cheer me up because school had been so stressful lately. When I got to his house there was a similar set up with card and rose in his (very tidy) bedroom with one of our good friend waiting there. The notecard had a photo from about 6 months into our relationship on it, the next line of our song, and another riddle sending me to the on campus coffee house...where another friend was waiting with another rose and card with a picture from about 9 months in our relationship, the NEXT line of the song, and ANOTHER riddle...

I started to suspect this elaborate plan was more than just a "cheer-up" routine.

When I got to the 6th place and saw my best friend Liz sitting there holding a card and rose and she said "You look so beautiful!" I started crying and knew that Josh wouldn't have gone to such lengths if this was REALLY important. The final clue she gave me sent me to the place where Josh and I had our first kiss - in front of my dorm from Sophomore year.

I pulled into 30 minute parking at the dorm and saw Josh standing infront of the building with 6 more red roses in his hands. I ran up to him and gave him a huge hug. Before I knew it he was saying  "I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you..." kneel. (*Queue waterworks) "Will you marry me?" "Yes!" I exclaimed and hugged him and he slipped the perfect solitaire diamond on a white gold band onto my finger

Just like that this rock of a 6' 5" man who showed me unconditional love and  has the kindest heart of anyone I knew became my fiancée. I was giddy! We called family starting with our parents to tell them the good news and then siblings and then through out list of friends who weren't a part of the scavenger hunt and headed out for our special date at my all time favorite restaurant Bravo! in Indianapolis.

When we arrived the the best surprise of all was waiting - both of our families had driven 2.5 hours to celebrate and have dinner with us! It was a feast of the decades with gifts, and toasts and tears and hugs filling our private room. I'm pretty sure we all ate our weight in carbohydrates and left with our faces hurting from smiling so much.

Me and Josh at Bravo!

The Dads and my man! 

  My sisters were there, too! 

The feeling of happiness being surrounded by all the people I love and cherish was compounded because they were there to celebrate me and Josh! It was the best feeling ever. I honestly think that very night compared in joy to the day of our wedding.

Josh made my engagement story one that I will be proud to tell our kids and grandkids for years to come. He set (and continues to set) the bar high for how a lady should be treated and what a man needs to do to make her feel special. Tonight we dine at The Red Pony - one of the swankiest places in town.  6 years, 5 wedding anniversaries and one baby on the way later, he is still my ruddy, strong, handsome man and I'm his beloved princess. I love you, Josh.

Telling a good friend of our engagement at the local donut shop.   


  1. I love you darling! I couldn't be a happier man.

  2. You two are so good together. This post brought tears to my eyes for all the blessings in my life - one of which is wonderful sons-in-law. Love you both.

  3. So, so sweet! And I forgot about BRAVO!!!! YUM. :)

  4. Very cool. Looking back on the past helps face the future. Your future is very, very bright...
    Hugs to you both.