98 Degrees! (Not the Band)

It is stiffeling hot outside. I have been thinking about going to the pool for about 2 hours now but, I can't muster up enough drive or desire for a tan to get out into the muggy 98 degree heat. I thought, a good alterntative would be taking willow to the park for a short 1 mile walk. Which turned into a 1/2 mile walk with willow trying to lay down in every piece of shade she could find. I guess her new "business on top party in the back" mullet hair style doesn't keep her as "cool" as one would hope.

Sidebar, we took willow to get groomed last week and they said they would trim her face, paws and private areas, okay sounds good to us, we said. Apparently face also included her really cute fro on top of her head that I love so much but not the super long hair on the back of her neck...so needless to say we call her Willie-Ray now (in reference to Billy Ray Cyrus and his awesome 80s mullet for all of you contry novice folk out there).

Back to the heat...What is the deal with this heat! I mean seriously. Summer hasn't even officially started yet (starts tomorrow) and already people are fearing for thier grandparents and pets lives down here in Nashville. It makes anything, except laying completely still in the air conditioning, competlely miserable. People start to do crazy things when the weather starts to heat up too.

I am not sure how supported this is, but I heard somewhere that crime rates start to go up the hotter the weather gets. Not that we have much to worry about here in quaint little Franklin, TN....but I could totally see the following playing out at Maximo Joes on any given 98 degree weather saturday

Customer 1: I would like an extra giant. blended non-fat, sugar-free frappe with an extra shot of "don't make me fat" in there.

Barrista (aka Josh): Alright, sounds great. That will be $4.72

Customer 1: Oh shoot, i forgot my wallet....

Customer 2: Get out of the way then there are people melting outside that need a sugar free All fruit smoothie!

Customer 1: Why don't you stay out of my bees wax! (pushes customer 2 in the polo and then steps aside pulls out his iPhone and calls his wife sitting in the SUV to bring in the wallet)

That's as bad as it get's here. And that's about all that my hot and muggy brain can muster up today. It was a pretty substanceless post. Sorry if you read the whole thing and got to this point disapointed, I blame it on the heat.