A 9.5

Score this weekend on a scale of 1 - 10 with 1 being nothing went right and it was the worst weekend ever and 10 being everything went as planned and it was awesome.

We started off leaving Nashville a quickly as we could on Friday afternoon to make it for the rehearsal for Stephanie and Mike's wedding that evening. Unfortunately for us, the earliest Josh and I could leave work was noon and we had to pick up my sister at work on the way out of town, and my due to a miscommunication my friend Susan who was meeting up with us in Nashville to ride to columbus had the wrong meeting address. (Airport Central Pkwy vs. Airpark Central Pkwy Amazing was two little letters can do to change an afternoon) Finally hitting the road by 12:45 to make it to the 7:00 pm rehearsal 6 hours away we felt rush but OK...and then we realized we were on CST and they were on EST making us an hour later than we thought...sigh.

After realizing there was nothing we could do about this unfortunate timing issue we really did enjoy our ride to columbus. 5.5 people and one fluffy cockapoo puppy squeezed into our Altima to make the trek. We passed the time chatting and playing word games. Arriving in Columbus just in time for the rehearsal dinner at Claddaghs'. Dinner was delicious and the company was even better. Spending time with my name buddy, Katy Wheat is always tons of fun. Not to mention, I got to get to know her beau, Roger, a little bit that evening as well. 

That night back at my parents house we up late making snacks and finalizing decorations for the baby shower the next day. Coming home is always such a warm and welcoming environment, even when I'm put to work popping popcorn for gooey scrumptious carmel corn, I enjoy being older and bustling about the kitchen with my mom and sister at my side. 

The next day flew by as we made final prep for the baby shower and nearly 45 women came to celebrate the new life that is coming a mere 1.5 months. The love and support that poured onto Cynthia was overwhelming. She is so lucky to have so many people who care about her and want to bless her and the new bundle of joy. 

I had to leave the shower a bit early to make sure I made it to my wedding day festivities on time. I spent the remainder of the day doing all I could to make sure Stephanie was calm and a nerve free as possible. Sipping sweet bubbly champagne and watching as woman after woman was transformed TLC-makeover-style by the artist who came in and painted our faces. I've never had my makeup done professionally and let me just say I thought she was AWESOME! The end result made everyone look really great and had a seamless style to it.

Stephanie looked so beautiful. She quite possibly, might be one of the prettiest brides i've ever seen. Here's the proof

The rest of the evening went by without a hitch...except for the one that was intended (haha). There were a plethora of delicious martinis (blueberry, chocolate, apple, dry), there were stuffed mushrooms, and hummus. There was dancing. There was laughing. There were sweet sentimental toasts. There were comical toasts. There were hugs and smiles. There was time for lovers to hold hands and snuggle cheek to cheek on the dance floor. There were jokes about high school. There were lots of people watching the OSU game. There were lots of people disappointed by the OSU game. There was an actual OSU alumni 10 piece band (that surprised the groom).

There were sore feet changing into flip flops. There were many glasses of cabernet drunk. There was a men's lounge boasting a pool table, card table and 60 inch flat screens. There were many times when I was searching for my husband due to said "men's lounge." There were farwells, congratulations, and kisses on cheeks goodbye. and there was love. so much love.
congrats stephanie and mike!

Topping the weekend off with sleeping in, a great sermon at the Vineyard Columbus with Rich Nathan, Chinese food with my crazy loud and funny family (SUCH a change from dining in France, I might add...) and a very late start to our 6 hour travel back home where all of us crashed into our respective beds for deep deep slumber. 

So...if I were to score this weekend on a scale of 1 - 10, with1 being nothing went right and it was the worst weekend ever and 10 being everything went as planned and it was awesome, I give it a 9.5.
.25 points taken off due to the fact that it couldn't start sooner and .25 points taken off due to the fact that it ended too soon. 


  1. Beautiful photos! Steph's dress was fabulous.

    It was a great weekend. I loved having you all here! Nothing like it - only more of it.

  2. Does every weekend get a rating? LOL Fun! Wish we weren't late to the shower so we could have visited more.